The Final Weekend: Goodbye Tremont Music Hall

A Bittersweet Finale (Day 1)

by Josh Gooch

Photo by: Kevin McGee

The final weekend for Tremont Music Hall has come and gone. The final Friday night felt, for the most part, like many others as the bar and casbah stage were crowded with familiar faces — great local bands were the highlight of the evening.


It was a bittersweet feeling as everyone seemed to be having a good time while knowing, for many of us, that it will be the last time through the doors. The opener, Watch Husky Burn, had just taken the stage as I arrived and played an opening set that laid out a nice feeling for what was to come. Watch Husky Burn are a perfect example of what Tremont has meant to the Charlotte music scene as they state that their most recent album Garnet was recorded in bulk at Tremont Music Hall.


The next band The Verdict were also very familiar with the stage at Tremont but from a few years back. This show was labeled as a one time reunion for the band and judging from the crowd members singing along, this was a welcome treat.


The Verdict played a full set of tunes that could be considered a little softer in comparison to the rest of the evening but contained wonderful catchy grooves and fantastic harmonies. I really enjoyed their set and I am honestly a little bummed that I missed out on them a few years ago.


The final act of the evening was Jr. Astronomers and if you have not caught them live yet, allow me to recommend you do so. Jr. Astronomers genuinely seem to  love being on the stage making their music. The energy in their sound and the energy in the crowd are just plain fun and if you are catching them in Charlotte you can expect the hometown crowd to turn it up a notch. Just when you could let the enjoyment of the evening and music sink in, it was easy to reminisce back to many other nights spent in the venue.


Terrence, the singer for Jr. Astronomers, took a moment in between songs to express their love for the venue and the people of Tremont Music Hall as it has been a musical home for them for many years even hosting many of their “Terrance and Phillip” Birthday Bashes.


Overall it was a fitting last visit for me to Tremont Music Hall. It was not the final night as the following Saturday hosted the all day closing bash but for me it was perfect. I got to see some friends, drank a tall PBR, saw some crowd surfing and raucous fans, and heard some fantastic live local music. Of course it sucks that Tremont is closing for whatever is to come to the lot, but for its tenure it has been a major part of the Charlotte music scene and for that will always be loved.

Full gallery Day 1 


Goodbye Tremont (Day 2)

by Kevin McGee

Tremont Music Hall wrapped up a twenty year run on December 19, 2015.  One last event showcasing eighteen acts that had previously graced its stages.  While I was unable to attend the entire show, I was fortunate to capture seven performances.  Pleather, The Body Bags, Something Clever, No Anger Control, The Fill Ins, and Lovesucker helped send the venue out with style.  Also performing for the last time as a group were local favorites, tattermask.

My first Charlotte area show as a concert photographer was at Tremont and it quickly became my favorite venue. I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed and captured so many great performances. The staff, artists, and fans always made me feel welcome and I am proud to count many of them as friends.  The building may disappear, but the spirit remains.  Goodbye Tremont and thanks for the memories!

Pleather (
Pleather - 06

// - 02

The Body Bags (

The Body Bags - 03

// Body Bags - 01

Something Clever (

Something Clever - 07//

Something Clever - 04

//  No Anger Control (

No Anger Control - 06

// Anger Control - 03

// (

tattermask - 07

// - 04

//  The Fill Ins (

The Fill Ins - 02//

The Fill Ins - 07

Lovesucker (

Lovesucker - 02

// - 04//


No Anger Control - 16

Tremont - 06

No Anger Control - 01

Full gallery Day 2




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