Make 2016 the Year You Dive Into Charlotte’s Local Music Scene (A Light Divded Review)

Every band and musician must start somewhere. Whether it be playing bars, hitting open mic nights around the city they live in, or maybe even posting their tunes on YouTube for the world to see. Whatever the method, no one starts off with a number one album on the Billboard charts. Going to see your favorite top 40 band in a huge arena may be fun, but discovering the great bands that reside in your own town who work their butts off to be able to do what they love is a live music experience you’ll never forget. Even megastars like Metallica and the Rolling Stones started on a local scene somewhere. North Carolina has plenty of bands worthy of mention here, but one in particular from Winston-Salem has recently gotten my attention.

A Light Divided - 02

A Light Divided are a hard rock/metal band that have been rapidly growing in both the local and regional areas over the past few years. If you like your guitar riffs heavy, drums thunderous and a strong vocalist to bring it all together, then this is a band you have to check out. The second you hit play on a song like “One Shot You Don’t Want to Miss” you’ll be immediately greeted by those riffs, drums and vocals as they blast out of your speakers to give you a proper introduction to the group. If you visit their ReverbNation page, though, the song that will start playing is – in my opinion – the best song the five piece has. “I Am the One Who Knocks” will hook you in from the start and the melodies that vocalist Jaycee belts out will keep you listening. With the rhythm section providing a nice groove and the guitarists keeping things rockin’, it’s a song that’s hard not to get into.

A Light Divided - 06The band’s awesome music and hard work have greatly paid off as they’ve had a lot of success in the past few years. Sharing the stage with national acts such as Lacuna Coil, In This Moment and August Burns Red as well as playing Warped Tour in 2009 are just a few of the accomplishments the group have had so far. Front women Jaycee won the “best rock female” at the Carolina music awards, which is well deserving considering her relentless stage presence and incredible voice. Guitarists Eric Humiston and James Lewis don’t try to fill the songs with layers and layers of solos and harmonies that over complicate the tracks like many guitarists do.

A Light Divided - 07

They seem to know how much riffage the tunes need to work and that’s one reason I do not get tired of their music. Drummer Adam Smith is a monster behind the kit. I noticed his dominant playing immediately and find it hard not to be focusing on the pounding of the drums while listening. Bassist Mike Underwood keeps things steady with his playing that will put a thumping feeling in your chest. Each member of this group provides their own unique style to the music, making A Light Divided a great band.

A Light Divided - 05

 While A Light Divided isn’t the only local group worth checking out, they are certainly one of the top bands on the scene right now. You’ll find supporting local bands like this very satisfying – whether it’s going to shows, buying a t-shirt or CD, or just leaving a post on their social media sites telling them how much they rock. Make sure to “like” A Light Divided on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and become a fan on Reverbnation to keep up with when and where they are playing as well as hearing new music and any other announcements they may make. I promise, this band will not stay on the local and regional level for long!

Catch them on tour:

Jan 8th Riffhouse Pub Chesapeake, VA
Jan 9th Southland Ballroom Raleigh, NC
Jan 21st After Hours Charlotte, NC
Jan 29th Ziggy’s Winston Salem, NC
Apr 3rd Carolina Metal Fest // Hwy 24 Raceway Westminster, SC



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