The Future of Rock? – OFFPEAK Review

Think about some of your favorite artists and songs – now think about what it is about them that makes you like those artist and songs. Is it the lyrics? The melodies? Maybe the vocals or the music itself? No matter what it is, you are connected to the music in one way or another, and that’s a good feeling. For me it’s always been about the melodies and grooves combined with some loud guitars and chest-pounding drums. You may have guessed that my favorite genre is rock, if so you guessed right. When I hear all these things I enjoy about music come pouring out of my speakers it’s hard to wipe the smile off of my face. OFFPEAK is one of the bands that makes that happen.

When you visit OFFPEAK’s ReverbNation page you are greeted with a drumroll that carries you straight into a punkish riff that hooks you into the group’s latest single “Feelings Stay the Same.” The band’s style is simple, yet full of character. Rock ‘n’ roll was always meant to be simple, a nice groove from the bass and drums with the guitars taking charge. The vocals can be hit or miss with certain groups, but these guys are hitting home runs with frontman Jamie Pick. Jamie’s voice makes me nostalgic for the ‘90s when music was better and life was a little less crazy. He could fill in for any grunge band in the business, as well as lead a supercharged rock band full of energy. His little brother is the reason I keep coming back to listen though. Robbie Pick is the guy laying down all those tone-setting riffs and excellently crafted solos. This young man has a very bright future ahead of him.

My favorite tune by this outfit has to be “Romance is Dead” with a groove that makes it hard to skip over. Clocking in at just a little over two minutes, the guys were able to put together a catchy track that shows just how much potential they really have. While both Pick brothers have great performances in this song, it’s bassist Kier Hutchinson and drummer Jackson Raw that bring it together. Something about a tight rhythm section always brings out the best of a band.

What is really amazing about these four is that none are over the age of 23. With young musicians putting this much work and passion into their craft, it’s safe to assume that the future of the industry is going to sound very good. The only thing that upsets me about this group is that they are across the pond in Waterhouses, DUR, UK. When they get the opportunity to come to the good ol’ U.S.A. for a tour, join me in welcoming the band that may very well be the future of rock. You never know when you’ll be hearing these guys on the radio, help them make it there by supporting them now.

If you’re a fan of rock, old or new, take the time to check out OFFPEAK. You might end up having a connection to the music that makes your day a little better.

Upcoming Shows:

  • The Latest Music Bar
    24 February, 2016 7:00PM
  • Think Tank
    Newcastle Upon Tyne,
    27 February, 2016 7:00PM




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