Slayer Come On and On, South to Devon

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When I heard that Slayer were venturing to Plymouth as part of their Repentless tour, I had to rush out and buy a ticket. When I then heard that they were bringing Anthrax with them as the main support it just made the deal even sweeter. Opening support came from Norwegian  thrashers Kvelertak who got things underway in the most bizarre way. As the lights dimmed all fans could see was a pair of glowing eyes making their way onto the stage. As the band started playing, the venue’s lighting came up just enough to make out Kvelertak’s frontman who was walking around the stage with a stuffed owl on his head. With its wings stretched out, it looked ready to fly off and although the lighting wasn’t great it still left a lasting image.


As the first song came to an end Kvelertak frontman vanished from sight and returned seconds later without his stuffed pet to continue the band’s set. They impressed me even though they didn’t sing in English and the sound was slightly distorted but they had a sort of random look about them. It was nearly as if they had drafted people in from the crowd to fill in but this was mostly to do with what the band was wearing rather than the sound. They didn’t look like they belonged in a thrash band but the sound told me otherwise. My one disappointment was that with three guitarists battling for supremacy you couldn’t pick out the lead and the three just became a noise. Their thirty minute set flew by and they soon left the stage to make way for Anthrax.

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As the stage was set for Anthrax, I was impressed with the layout and the stage signaled that we were going to be in for a real treat. As the band hit the stage and the spotlight hit the band we were off and from the very first note I was totally lost in the music.

anthrax (7)

Knowing most of the band’s back catalogue I enjoyed the mix they had put together for the show and as I looked around the venue it seemed as if everyone else was enjoying it as much as me.

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They have a large selection of tracks to pick from but played mostly their main hits, which I think is always good, and they looked to be enjoying playing as much as I was enjoying watching.

anthrax (40)

There  were no fancy gimmicks or pyrotechnics just good old rock ‘n’ roll from one of the big four thrash bands. As their set came to an end my only disappointment was that they couldn’t play for longer but let’s hope they headline here in the future.

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A long break ensued whilst the stage was set for Slayer there was a large white curtain dropped down over the stage so the gathered couldn’t see what was going on. As the time for Slayer drew nearer the white curtain was lit up with the French flag in respect of the many who lost their lives in the Paris attacks the week before.

slayer (32)

This received a big cheer from the fans around the venue and shows how supportive and respectful the metal community are. Minutes later as the arena lighting was lowered the white curtain became a backdrop as a set of crosses moved around it before turning upside down and turning red. After this the Slayer logo appeared for another minute or so before the music started.

slayer (18)

With the start of the music the curtain dropped and was rapidly dragged away by the stage hands. We were now treated to our first glimpse of not only the band but the amazing stage setup behind them. It was set with the same artwork as their latest album but also had a set of crosses that moved up and down whilst the band played. From the off, the volume seemed a lot louder than it had been for the two previous bands and unfortunately most of the guitar got lost in the distortion but Slayer still put on a great show. With the legend that is Kerry King sporting his iconic chains and goatee beard he soloed like his life depended on it and although I could only pick out the main riffs I still stood in front of a metal god.

slayer (17)

As I stood in the center of the pit I was stood before Tom Araya, a man whose vocals sounded great on the night and have blessed many an ear over the years. It’s hard to believe that such legends stood just a few feet in front of me and for the first three songs I had them all to myself. After this I joined the rest of the crowd and stood and enjoyed the show. As I mentioned before the sound was not great but the fact that one of the biggest names in thrash metal were playing in front of me made up for this. With all the distortion I struggled to recognise a lot of the songs but a couple were still recognisable even with the poor sound.

slayer (5)

Songs that changed a whole generation of metal music such as “Reign In Blood” and “Seasons In The Abyss” stood out but for me the highlight of the set was “South Of Heaven.” The riffs were loud and clear for this and maybe helped in making it stand out but it was just awesome on the night. As their set drew to a close the band threw plectrums and drumsticks into the adoring crowd before making their way off stage. As the venues lights came back on and the packed crowd headed for the exits, I was left to think just how a great night could have been even better if the sound was mixed better but still, what a night.

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See them on tour:

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Date Venue Location Tickets
Nov 30 O2 Academy Brixton London, United Kingdom VIP Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 01 Anthrax Brighton, United Kingdom VIP Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 02 Melkweg The Max Amsterdam, Netherlands Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 03 Anthrax w/ Slayer Helsingør, Denmark VIP Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 04 Anthrax w/ Slayer Oslo, Norway VIP Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 05 Anthrax w/ Slayer + The Haunted Goteborg, Sweden VIP Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 07 Anthrax w/ Slayer Helsinki, Finland VIP Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 09 Anthrax w/ Slayer Moscow, Russian Federation VIP Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 15 Stage AE Pittsburgh, PA Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 16 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 17 Fillmore Silver Spring, MD Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 19 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 20 Marathon Music Works Nashville, TN Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 22 Constant Convocation Center Norfolk, VA Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 23 Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 24 Oakdale Theatre Wallingford, CT Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 26 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 28 Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 29 Egyptian Room at Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 30 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL Tickets RSVP Share
Jan 31 Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 02 Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland Kansas City, MO Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 04 Revention Music Center Houston, TX Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 05 Bomb Factory Dallas, TX Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 06 Concrete Street Pavilion Corpus Christi, TX Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 08 ACL Live at the Moody Theatre Austin, TX Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 09 Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 11 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, NV Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 12 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 01 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Monterrey, Mexico Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 03 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Granjas Mexico, Mexico Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 04 Sports Palace Granjas Mexico, Mexico Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 08 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Versalles, Costa Rica Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 11 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Santiago, Chile Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 13 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Cordoba, Argentina Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 15 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Buenos Aires, Argentina Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 17 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Rio De Janeiro, Brazil RSVP Share
Mar 19 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Belo Horizonte, Brazil RSVP Share
Mar 22 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Brasilia, Brazil Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 24 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Fortaleza, Brazil Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 26 Anthrax w/ Iron Maiden Sao Paulo, Brazil Tickets RSVP Share
Jun 12 PARKING BODART Leuven, Belgium Tickets RSVP Share
Jun 17 HELLFEST Clisson, France RSVP Share
Jun 19 Hellfest Clisson, France RSVP Share

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Date Venue Location Tickets
Nov 30 O2 Academy Brixtonw/ Anthrax, Kvelertak London, United Kingdom Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 03 Hal 14 Helsingor, Denmark RSVP Share
Dec 04 Spektrum Oslo, Norway Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 05 Lisebergshallen Goteborg, Sweden Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 07 Hartwall Arena Helsinki, Finland Tickets RSVP Share
Dec 09 Stadium Live Moscow, Russian Federation Tickets RSVP Share




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