A Breath of Fresh Fumes.

A breath of fresh fumes.

Copenhagen’s newborn baby In The Fumes breathes new life into the music industry circa 2015.

If you catch yourself fighting the urge to rage against all of the mainstream pop music and ironically talentless talent shows plaguing television stations, then we might have something here that you’ll find reassuring. The kind of music that feels like home, if you will, for those of us with a rebellious soul and a mind of our own.

 With a sharp tongue and zero inhibitions when it comes to political awareness, In The Fumes has easily become one of the best musical conceptions 2015 has and will see. With an identity literally adapted amidst the fumes (bandmate Pater Lehmann was painting his guitar with some toxic paint while listening to Imaad Wasif when the band name was coined), the crew consists of Sune Bjerg on the drums, Steven Ardilso on the bass and Peter Lehmann on guitar and vocals. In June of this year the Denmark-based alternative hard rock trio’s edgy and well communicated lyricism officially reached the states. A style built off of an aggressive rock base and architected with dynamic rises and falls in both directions of the musical spectrum, the group’s musicality has as many dips and turns in it as the world’s current uprising generation.

Their recent and only single to date, “Small Men,” turns a mirror on you that you may not have otherwise gazed into. With strings of lyrics that are hard to tune out and a video that’s just as difficult to look away from — seemingly innocent headshots of various politicians morph one by one into somewhat creepy, perhaps even borderline evil, grins and expressions — this band definitely gets your attention. These three guys clearly have had enough of political bullshit, sheep-like obedience and remaining drugged by the fumes of civilization. Most of us have, after all; we just don’t make videos vagrantly illustrating it while singing words of civil rebellion.

But that’s what makes a musician or band intriguing and defiant, is it not? Pushing boundaries, perking up some ears whether it be of interest or ready criticism, potentially rubbing someone the wrong way, and even being somewhat disagreeable. The artists that make up In the Fumes have mastered a difficult tightrope balance of desensitized willingness to please everyone and the calloused skin it requires to insist on working outside of the music industry box.

Black sheep of the world unite! This band is the opposite of generic and in an entirely different category from mainstream. It may, in fact, blaze a trail of genre of its own.





“Small Men” by “In The Fumes” – YouTube



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