Do Yourself a Favor and Discover Some New Music Today: STONE

Do Yourself a Favor and Discover Some New Music Today: STONE

Technology has been both a blessing and very hurtful to the music business. I’m not going to get into any of the harm the mighty world wide web has brought upon the industry, I think we all pretty much know that story, but what I will do is tell you how thankful I’ve been lately for the new music the internet has led me to. I’m pretty sure that prior to the interwebs I would have not been able to hear a band from another state – hundreds of miles away – unless they were played on FM radio or came through my city on tour, probably opening for a band I already knew of. Since we are in the year 2015 and incapable of going a day without all these devices and technology of ours, I have been introduced to a pretty rockin’ group from Philadelphia.

STONE, is a band that has a familiar, yet distinct sound that really stands out amongst most other groups today. The city of brotherly love is more well known for having rabid fans of their professional sports teams as well as their world famous cheesesteaks, but if they are hiding more bands like these guys in their bars and clubs then it may not be long before rock ‘n’ roll gets added to that list. The artist bio on the outfit’s ReverbNation page says they didn’t get a good start on their musical journey until 2010, but after listening to them it’s easy to think that they got their start in the 1970s. The band’s sound is a mixture of the classic ‘70s style rock with a touch of funk added in the rhythm section and a dash of soul coming from the powerful vocals of John Long.

Honestly, Long’s vocals are what first caught my attention when I came across one of the group’s tunes. This guy has a voice like no other, and that is one of the first things I look for when searching for new bands to add to my iTunes library. A band can be great musically, but if they are led by a bland or bad vocalists they will be caught in the mud with their wheels spinning watching the groups with a more versatile voice cruise past on their way to more success. While his voice is very soulful, Long can still deliver on the more rockin’ songs by the band. They have a good bit of music on their Reverb page, but the song that really got my attention was “What You Gonna Do.” Driven by a raunchy, funky guitar riff the song flows very well from verse to chorus, where it will hook you in and have your foot tapping along to the beat.

While you’re browsing the web on your computer, smartphone, tablet or whatever it is you use, make sure to head over to STONE’s Reverbnation page and have a listen to a few of their songs. If you’re a fan of the classic rock sound of the ‘70s and/or have a taste for a more funky, soulful sound then you will not be disappointed. Check out some of their upcoming shows to see if you can catch them live soon while you’re at it, I’ll be waiting for them to make a trip a little further south.



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