Visualize Babes in Toyland at The Visulite

Babes of Toyland played The Visulite, bringing with them a slew of fans hungry for their reunion. Kevin McGee was there for the spectacle of Babes in Toyland and their RiotGrrl sensibilities.

Venue: Visulite Theatre (

Performances by:
Kitten Forever (
Kitten Forever - 06//

Kitten Forever - 05//

Kitten Forever - 09//

Kitten Forever - 10//

Babes in Toyland (
Babes in Toyland - 12//

Babes in Toyland - 22//

Babes in Toyland - 19//

Babes in Toyland - 09//

Babes in Toyland - 01//


Full gallery can be seen here.

Catch the remainder of the tour:

Nov. 02 – Nashville, TN – Exit In
Nov. 03 – Little Rock, AR – Juanita’s Cantina
Nov. 06 – Austin, TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest



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