Alice Cooper Spooks Crowds at Plymouth Pavilion with Sound Troubles

Alice Cooper 1

What better way to celebrate Halloween a few days early than with the Alice Cooper Halloween Show. The iconic rock star, now in his late sixties, has been shocking fans with his live shows for many a year yet somehow I had never managed to see him live until now. Bringing with him ex Hanoi Rocks frontman, Michael Monroe we were in for quite a night.

Alice Cooper (23)

With many fans dressed like Alice look-alikes there was a strange vibe coming from them but this all came to an abrupt end when the Michael Monroe backdrop lit up as the band’s walk-on music started.

Michael Monroe (17)

The band made their way on to the stage and stood with their backs to the crowd surrounding the drummer as they started to play and were soon joined by a very excited looking Michael.

Michael Monroe (9)

As he bounced onto the stage dressed in black with red leather trim and big blond hair he still has the full glam look that I remember from my youth. Although he and the band were full of life there seemed to be some sound issues.

Michael Monroe (20)

The bass seemed to be drowning everything else out and unfortunately this continued for most of the set. I imagine that the band were oblivious to this as they set about playing their hearts out to a packed venue. Michael hasn’t lost any of his swagger and at one point even did the splits on the edge of the stage before bouncing back into action. It’s just a shame that I could hardly hear a word he was singing as he put so much effort into it. They seemed to keep everyone entertained and as their short set came to an end I was left slightly disappointed but at least the main event was still to come.

Alice Cooper (24)

The usual short break ensued as the stage was made ready for Alice, giving fans time to head to the bar for a much needed drink as the venue was very hot. Probably a mix of the size of the crowd and the fact that many were in fancy dress. However those at the front stayed in place and just before Alice Cooper made his way onto the Plymouth stage a young fan was dragged from the crowd after passing out. After some more intro music everything went dark and as the lights came back on slowly Alice could be seen standing in the center of the stage wrapped in a black cloak. As he stood still at the front of the stage there was a downpour of gold sparkles behind him and the music started. Once again the sound seemed really bad and after about twenty minutes I made my way to the bar for a drink.

Alice Cooper (4)

When I returned I entered the other side of the venue and either the sound problem had been sorted out or it just sounded better on that side of the stage. I had however missed some of the theatrical stuff that Alice adds to his live shows but was told it was not as extreme as normal. Not wanting to miss anything else I found a good viewpoint and watched the rest of the show.

Alice Cooper (11)

However other than the large balloons bounced into the crowd and the bubbles and streamers for the encore it seemed that the show was a little lacking in the shock element and as it came to an end I was left a little disappointed. Having been told about previous shows I had been expecting lots of small onstage displays of horror but this was not the case this time. Alice comes to the Plymouth every few years so hopefully next time I’ll get to see the whole of the fancy stage show. Regardless of the sound trouble and lack of theatrical highlights, I still got to see two of rock’s legends play live.

Alice Cooper (9)//


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