The Twisted and Dark Road of The Bloody Jug Band

By: Saj Perez
Want a band that has visceral storytelling for days? A band that boasts more members and musical styles you can shake a stick (or jug for that matter) at?

Then look no further than The Bloody Jug Band, based out of Orlando. Blending tales of devils, outlaws and revenge, the music accompanying the stories harken to a time of Americana-Folk, with tinges of blues, metal, and punk rock. Each song a tale that leaves you wanting more, like a good story should.

The band consists of 9 band members, each with varying degrees of backgrounds and influences. With a band as diverse and as cinematic as The Bloody Jug Band, vocalist Cragmire Peace says “It’s certainly a unique group of individuals we’ve compiled both in the past, and present to be a part of the Bloody Jug Band. The idea for the BJB may have initially been my brain child, but it has grown into its own since then due to everyone’s amazing contributions. The original idea was simply to create a modern day Jug Band that used old timey and traditional instruments to create a modern sound, which also delved into some darker themes and cautionary tales from a songwriting standpoint.”

Cautionary and dark is definitely the path that The Bloody Jug Band take with songs such as “Reaper Madness” or “Dorothy Gale” showcasing the aforementioned lyrical style and almost cinematic feel that the band delivers on.

That’s exactly how Cragmire likes it.

“Yes, there is ALWAYS specific intent behind our songs or how we approach the music. There may be a deeper point we want to get across, but package it in such a way that allows for a more open ended understanding. Or sometimes we want to have fun with an off the wall idea, while also being serious about the approach. It’s always a juggling act, and each song is treated as a new adventure. I personally feel that every song ever written was a short story in itself, and our music is no different. Even if we chose to write about something intimate and personal to us, we’d package it some other way so everyone can be an active participant and take something unique from the experience. The world is full of songs from the personal perspective of the singer/songwriter, etc, so we just like to provide a view askew from the norm.”

While the band plays plenty of shows on the east coast, it’s pretty apparent from Cragmire’s point of view that one show definitely stands out. “Over the past 7 years there has been plenty of memorable shows, and also plenty of forgetful shows. But, one that comes instantly to mind was playing a Nudist Resort here in Florida. Nothing makes for better stories then performing poolside to a bunch of naked middle aged people.”

With The Bloody Jug Band’s new album, “Rope Burn,” available now, and still fresh in the bands mind, Cragmire says that “For me, I enjoy performing songs like ‘Beautiful Corpse’ and ‘Wanted Man in Hell’ off our new album, simply because they are more challenging to pull off live. And as far as covers go, we’ve been messing with this Tom Waits song, ‘Get Behind the Mule’, which we’ve been having a lot of fun with on stage. But, ask me again in 6 months and my answer will probably be different. Although, closing out a show with something off the wall like the ‘Monster Mash’ is always fun because of the wide array of reactions we get from our audiences.”

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