An Introduction to Meresha: Alienesque Artist on ReverbNation

Quite often when I listen to new music, I’ll imagine a movie or genre that would pair well with it. This happened quickly when I heard Meresha. To create a fully-immersive experience for any movie, music serves an important role: to set a tone. The tone throughout Meresha’s music is that of anticipation and foreboding. This artist is a self-propelled and self-encased musical product. She plays a multitude of instruments, sings and even gets her hands dirty in post-production. She may be news to you, but with a bit of luck, she’ll be charting on EDM and dance boards.

There’s a certain change on the horizon of pop music, whether to lean more toward dance or toward hip-hop is a choice many artists are making. Look at the top-40 charting artists in the past few months and you’ve see Miley spitting over trap beats, Swift getting everyone to shake it off, while Beiber and The Weeknd host radio dance-parties.

Meresha is a sight to behold, dressing quirkily, like something out of the ‘90s meets something out-of-this-world. In addition, she refers to herself as ‘alien’ in interviews. I wonder how alien someone can feel, when still able to create something so human and attainable. Let’s find out:

S16: You seem to imply identifying as an alien, which intrigues me. They say that sound cannot travel in space, but how would you describe the sound that space could have?

Meresha: Sound needs something to travel with. Molecules, etc. It’s not a loner. It’s a friend. Still, some of the best sounds in music are not there. Often the most powerful moment in a song is a pause.

That’s what space is like. When you are with friends, you will hear the notes. In between, you have to savor the emptiness.

S16: I have read that your recent music interests revolve around contemporary pop, what kind of music do you remember loving most as a child?

Meresha: I have a vinyl and CD collection that includes Led Zeppelin, Queen, Jimi Hendrix and other classic rock groups. My first love, though, was Paramore. I went to about 6 tours of theirs in a row. The lead singer, Hayley Williams, has managed to make it in the music business while staying true to herself and her music. She gave me the original inspiration to do it myself.

S16: During a live performance, what can your fans expect?

Meresha: There will be a few chances coming up soon, including opening for 2 big acts. The band is in rehearsals now. Think you will see a lot of energy in the show that will bring the music alive. The video to “New Revolution” can give you an idea of the kind of party it will be.

S16: Describe what music means to you, using only a metaphor.

Meresha: A cosmic voyage.

S16: You have the fashion sense of a freak, in the best way, how exactly do you curate a wardrobe?

Meresha: I’m not into brands. I never got why everyone wants to wear the same things as everyone else. Clothes should be an expression of you. I’m more likely to find that in a vintage store in some obscure place rather than a mall.

S16: What would be your dream-tour?

Meresha: Would be great to play with James Blake, who is one of my faves. As mentioned, I’m getting a chance to open soon for 2 big acts. Getting around the country with them and exposing their fans to my music would be amazing.

S16: If your music were a vintage wine, what cheese would pair best with it?

Meresha: Since I’m vegan, it is a bit of a tough question. Personally, I’d pick a vegan cheese, though I know not everyone is on board with that.

For the others, I noticed when I was in Andalusia this summer that people loved Manchego with their Sangria. It draws from the best of the past, but is distinctive with just enough sharpness.

S16: After you record, and you’re in post-production, how do you polish a track down to what you want?

Meresha: For the “New Revolution” EP, I worked with the team at Power Station Studios in Florida. Their team’s first hit was the Catina song from the “Star Wars” movie. I re-recorded the vocals there and added some more harmonies and claps. After listening in the studio, I also fine-tuned some of the words and music. The final mixing and mastering was done by their engineers with me looking for ways to get it just right.

S16: As you venture into the avenue of earthly music, what do you plan to expose our people to that we may not have experienced yet?

Meresha: It’s time for a “New Revolution.” We see it everywhere – people need to find a way to talk to each other with respect again, to protect the climate and eat real food. Sometimes, a “New Revolution” will also mean technology to make that possible. Joining?

S16: Please, tell us anything else that you would like to share with the world.

Meresha: Million thanks for reading so far. No Indie woman has ever been #1 on the charts. Today I’m #16 on US Top 40 charts among Indies, and #160 overall.

It’s time for a “New Revolution” in music too. Don’t like what you hear on the radio? Go out of your way to support the music you do. Tweet, share, comment, stream, buy, etc. It’s the only way to be sure real musicians making real music can get it to you.

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