This Month at Tommy's Pub

This month at Tommy’s Pub (and their foggy future)

Tommy’s Pub announced that they would be hearing the final say on the rezoning decision on August 20. It was ruled on June 15 that they would, indeed, be rezoned, even though a petition started on May 18 by Plaza Midwood Shows Up pulled many signatures. With the recent announcement that SouthEnd Common Market complex would be demolished in favor of more housing, more local hearts broke. A humorous, yet very true article was written in the 20th Anniversary edition of Tangents magazine, referring to the deep-rooted history of Mecklenburg county demolishing everything it builds.

While Tommy’s Jamie Starks has mentioned plans to find a new home, they’re still looking;

“Well my peeps, here’s the current situation concerning Tommy’s Pub: Jim has just signed a lease with Porter Jones, who will be taking over our building as it’s new owner, which will give us until the end of December. That is all I have to report. Sorry, no, I do not know where we’ll be moving to, no, we’ve not yet established an exact new location as of this time and yes, we’re currently searching. Thanks everyone for all your support!!”

They’re not planning on just disappearing, and their upcoming lineup can attest to that.

This month at Tommy’s Pub we have a multitude of Eargazm-presented events.

Once Friday September 18, comes around, so do Senseless Beatings, Tecate Sunrise and Draugir. Have some sense, join the cozy fun with this triple-threat, harmonic alt-rock at Tommy’s. That Saturday you can expect to see Fire Marshal Bill again with Henbrain, Sheep and the F-use. Visit the pub for these familiar faces. A few days later on Tuesday, will be ‘Toozeday Boozeday’ featuring Walker Black, Mercury Dimes, Aarodynamics and Genocyde; it’s always these mid-week shows that kick so much ass. A week from then (Tuesday September 29) will be Charlotte Sometimes – A Tribute to The Cure.

To keep up the date on their calendar, visit their Facebook page and feel free to stop in for a beer and a high-five from drink-slinger Jamie even if nobody is playing. Thursday night is open mic and drink specials are always good. Check back here again for the next venue feature and what’s coming that month.



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