ReverbNation Re-playlist

ReverbNation Re-playlist

Molly Shores & Dianna Augustine

Now is your chance to join our September campaign with ReverbNation: Submit Here!

Our most-recently completed ReverbNation campaign reached thousands, and we hand-picked less than 50 of the best, most interesting or up-and-coming artists that submitted. Each time, we hope to expose our readers to new artists that we feel deserve a listen and drive traffic to the artists. As we wrap that campaign, take a look at the playlist below for a taste of the broad-range genre coverage.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted to our campaigns in the past. Even if you were not chosen, we appreciate the hard work that all art requires, even if it isn’t chosen as the best yet. Keep creating, and we’ll keep listening.


A letter from the President of Shutter 16:

It was extremely difficult to pick a favorite off of this list. I’ll be honest some of the choices of my co-workers was no where near anything I’d remotely listen to. That’s the beauty of these campaigns we do with ReverbNation, it stretches my listening sometimes to levels of panic. Pardon my candor, sometimes, just sometimes, it’s an awful experience. Flipping through song after ghastly song, I can’t believe some ‘artists’ call this stuff music. Or put it on the internet for all to hear! Then I come back down to two realizations 1. I must give anyone the respect of actually doing what they love and are compelled to-do-so even if it’s not my preferred listening material and 2. Try to be open-minded. Sometimes it takes a while for albums, songs, lyrics, tones, etc to click. I listened to one of my favorite albums of all time about 25 times before I could even stomach it (Heather Nova’s Oyster).


President’s pick of this past campaign:

Alexander McKay– The entire experience of learning his music is just the epitome of a romantic summer night with a fresh guitar and new nimble fingers hearing pitch for the first time; simply beautiful. It’s a longing, an awakening, just one of those “it,’ moments all of us music lovers long for. He’s just the right balance of the singer-songwriter, smokey vocals and what I imagine to be the staple of the American rambling man. Endless hours traveling long winding roads on tour to emotion – artist personified.  I’m officially in lust, and want to further this relationship into full-blown adorational love. It will happen, oh it will.


Letter from Editor-in-Chief:

The best part of our ReverbNation coverage is the chance to be the first person to publish a review for certain artists. Anyone can write a review on national acts, without ever talking to them or reaching out. With our campaigns, though, it sometimes takes a lot of digging to gain the needed information. Sometimes it’s silly how much digging is required; we recommend that you always have band-members listed, where to purchase your music (and anything you think that the public should have their hands on) in as MANY places as possible. Even when all of this information is a Google away, there’s so much to learn about the artists at hand, that we have to reach out. There are some stories that we would never have heard about if we had not done the research ourselves. That being said, I’d like to announce my pick for this campaign.


EIC’s pick: Bryarly

When digging for information about this artist, it certainly helped that the first impression (vocally and visually) was ace. Upon further research I discovered just how much work she puts into what she produces, which spans from video editing, comedy, starring in her own music videos, song-writing and singing. Her style is fresh and clear, with a much-needed combination of drive and professionalism. Check her out here, because she’s the best that I found during this campaign.

Thank you to all the of the artists who submitted and I hope to see you in our inbox again, if you were not picked please submit again!

See you on the road.

ReverbNation campaign May-July playlist, enjoy!

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