Drop Out With Timothy Eerie

Drop Out With Timothy Eerie

Photo courtesy of  Timothy Eerie facebook page

I saw the psychedelic band Timothy Eerie at Charlotte’s Snug Harbor earlier this month. At the beginning of their set, their singer Casey said, “This is a new song. Well, they’re all new to you. Fuck it.” They then proceeded to play a set filled with unexpected tonal shifts and of course, as Brett Green of the Mineral Girls wrote in my notebook while I watched Timothy Eerie play, “wah pedal.”

[Side note: Brett has a history of scribbling in my notebooks when I’m at a venue. One night when I was at Heist Brewery watching Ghost Trees, one of Brent Bagwell’s experimental jazz bands, Brett scrawled onto my notepad, “free jazz so free you play the xylophone with your dick.”]

Eerie’s guitar riffs remind me of Eric Clapton’s flashier days playing for Cream which was, in my opinion, his best work. For a band that has a goofy pun for a name, they sure take their shit serious. Their songs have texture and Casey’s vocals aren’t quite masculine or feminine – but rather some interesting in between. No alpha male strutting that plagues much of the classic rock bands they may be influenced by.

I checked out their Soundcloud page and while the songs are all well-recorded and performed, I felt they paled in comparison to the energy of their live performances. It probably that helps that live, Eerie’s singer doesn’t drown his vocals in so much distortion. Reverb, sure, but not distortion. I get that he is going for a slightly disorienting feel when he adds these effects but I think he should let his voice shine through. After all, the guy’s personality has soul. Maybe it’s a soul belonging to another era, or belonging to some parallel universe in which Kennedy was never assassinated, but a real human soul nonetheless.

Timothy Leary, the iconic and perhaps dangerously optimistic LSD-guru from which that band’s pun-y name is derived, said “There are three side effects of acid: Enhanced long-term memory, decreased short-term memory, and I forget the third.” Well, I can’t remember the last time I saw a psychedelic band with a live set so strong. These guys are tight. So tight, in fact, that I had to resist ending that last sentence in the exclamations.

There are no meandering guitar-solos, here. Nope, their solos are nuanced and seem to say more than any lyrics could. And they always go back into the main riff long before getting old. They resist the 18-minute jams and masturbatory instrumentals that often give the psychedelic rock genre a bad name. They formed in Orlando, but are playing all over the country and there isn’t a psych-rock band currently touring I would recommend more.






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