Kelly Cheats on Status Quo with Genre

The number one rule in writing persuasive or concise work is to use active voice. The number one rule in naming a band is making it memorable. With these powers combined, you can create a punchy, conversation-starting band name; that’s what Kelly Cheats did. Kelly Cheats, but on who and why? I hope to find out today. This South Carolina fusion band has one album out (Out of The Patch 2010), and another on the way.

First impressions: this group is a fusion both audibly and visually. The members look as if they were banded together through some unconventional circumstance: different styles, demeanors and ages. When playing, though, they are a serious unit. They pull of knacks that they refer to as “rock, pop, funk, reggae and blues,” in such a way that contours the contemporary trends. This group gets around, trying to touch every nook and cranny of South Carolina. Although they only have one album out, and formed a decade ago; you can tell from the sound that they’re not trying to rush anything.

They are out to have fun, make music that they themselves would love to hear and bring fans on for the ride. They should be careful, though.

When a band begins the journey in hopes of having fun and enjoying the craft, somewhere along the way they’ll realize that they’re good; people demanding more music, faster. I worry that, considering how groovy this group is, that the future pressure I predict for them to produce faster could cause them to stress out and create inferior content. I’m not saying “oh they’re amazing, they are gonna hit Billboard top 40 tomorrow and the fame will make them burn out,” but I’m saying that I hope they know they’re good, and that I want more music, soon! Luckily they have announced their new album should be coming out this winter.

If there’s one way to tell the tone of a band, and what to expect on stage, it’s the kind of answers you get during an interview. Here’s what the candid and chilled-out lead vocalist, Trent, had to say:

S16: What inspired the name?
Kelly Cheats: We were playing cards with a friend named Kelly and she cheated at spades.

S16: Best on-stage experience so far?

Kelly Cheats: Playing at Tin Roof here in Columbia every time we play.

S16: Dream concert to perform?
Kelly Cheats: Going back in time and playing w Allman Brothers Band anywhere.

S16: A little bit about yourself?
Kelly Cheats/Trent: Lead Vocals, Guitar, harmonica/I am a landscaper during the week and musician on the weekend. Been playing and gigging for about 12 years. I love being outdoors, kayaking, hiking, swimming, fishing.

S16: Finally, if your band were a wine, what cheese would you pair with it to bring out the best qualities?
Kelly Cheats: Prob something funky but delicious. Swiss?

So you can expect this band to bring some solid, thought-out music to the table. While they aren’t going to incite a riot or get a dozen women to flash the stage, this is the kind of show I enjoy most when wandering into a new venue. They’re constantly playing Columbia venues, so keep an eye out for Kelly Cheats on the lineup.


Aug 21 Carolina Alehouse    Columbia,SC
Aug 27 Tin Roof                    Columbia,SC
Aug 28 Wet Willie’s               Columbia,SC
Sep 11 Main St. Pub        Spartanburg,SC
Sep 12 Front Page News         Atlanta,GA
Sep 17 Tin Roof                    Columbia,SC
Sep 18 Carolina Wings         Columbia,SC


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