Interview with While She Sleeps on Getting Drunk and Maybe Touring

While She Sleeps (5)

At this year’s Vans’ Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC, band members Lawrence Taylor and Aaran McKenzie of While She Sleeps showed up for an impromptu interview on the press-room floor. This metalcore band hails from Sheffield, England and we were excited to talk with a couple award-winners (Kerrang! 2012).

Hear about how they party, how they’re different from US acts and what they want you to know about their newest release Brainwashed. You can check out the rest of their videos on their official Vevo Youtube ( page, and follow them on their website:

Follow our social media feed (IG/Twitter/Tumblr/FB) for a chance to win this hand-made metal-AF doodle by While She Sleeps. And remember “don’t be taken for a ride ladies.”

While She Sleeps//

While She Sleeps (4)

Find them online: Service)!/whileshesleeps(Twitter)


Find them on tour:






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