Revealing Blackwater Drowning Interview

BlackWaterDrowning-1-42// any town, bands cannibalize themselves over and over again, trying to find the best fit for everyone’s ideals. I’m surprised there isn’t a dating site clone for just such a purpose; maybe it could be called Date My Band, or something as obvious. Through all of the bands and projects that the members of Blackwater Drowning have been through, I think that they’ve found a great fit in each other’s company. I’m glad to hear that the vocals for their upcoming EP are in the works, and they have a ep-release show planned in early October. So far, with only two songs recorded, it’s hard to really know if you should give a band a chance or not; we’re here to find out why Blackwater Drowning rocks. We talked with Morgan Riley in an interview below: BlackWaterDrowning-1-10//

“[…] it’s going to be an interesting show. We are going to try to bring in some different types of performers and really theme it out, but nothing is set yet so I can’t say more right now. We are very proud of the songs that have been written for this EP and I really think, judging from the reaction to the song demos we already released, it’s going to be well-received.”

S16: You (Morgan) and Aria were in an interview with Metal & Hardcore Punk Girls Magazine recently, and suggested that you had pretty high aspirations for the future of the band and your work in general. What are some things that you do to make sure you’re always pushing toward that goal of being known for what you’re great at?

Morgan: Practice, practice, practice! We also are always deconstructing everything we do to try to make it the best we feel it can be. A song goes through many tweaks and revisions before we ever play it out. Before we played our first show, we had been writing and practicing for close to a year. We just don’t want to put out anything we don’t love, and hopefully that shows. I think integrity in your music and making that the focal point is how you get known for it. With such a new, unique sound, the best way to illustrate their style and talent is to show you some of the only footage of them so far:

 Show from May 18 at Bling Tiger in Greensboro

S16: Your band, every single member, has their own unique style. Did each of you bring your natural look to the band, or was it something that sort of evolved for stage-presence? Additionally, where can we learn more about your own style tips (as I’ve heard that you have some awesome tricks up your sleeve). BlackWaterDrowning-1-32//

Morgan: We definitely have a ‘stage look’ that is more extravagant than just our everyday clothing. I feel it’s important to have a somewhat unified image on stage, as it sets you apart from the crowd. Image is so important in our fast-paced, instant gratification society. When people are scrolling through a million pictures on their social media or other websites, a good picture with a unique look really catches the eye. As for my own style, it’s just something I’ve cobbled together over the years based on function and appeal. I have learned the hard way to test drive anything I want to wear onstage! Whether it’s boots that slip, shorts that ride up, or a top that doesn’t stay put, it’s vital to make sure it’s going to not let you down BEFORE everyone in the room is looking at you J I, along with one of my best girlfriends and fellow front-wench Jaycee Clark of A Light Divided, have a blog/website focused on all things related to being in a band and being a girl. It’s called FatalFEMME and we talk a lot about those kinds of things, as well as do interviews with other women in bands and more.

S16: Finally, what would be your dream-gig? Would it be playing with [insert band] at a huge venue? Being featured in a block-buster movie soundtrack? First metal band to play in space? What are your wildest dreams as a band?

Morgan: I know for me, it would be to tour with Arch Enemy. They are a huge inspiration and influence to me personally. I learned to scream to their songs! We want it all though, from soundtracks to tours to playing in space, pretty much anything. We love what we do and love spreading it around to anyone we can con into listening.


Well, consider us Eskimos, because this band is selling us ice in the form of music. We’re under no delusion, though; we’re well-aware of how good they are. We won’t nag, but let’s just say we need more from them very soon. To find out when they’re touring, dropping new jams and their day-to-day, click the links below.

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