Dollar Signs' Release Party: "Nervous Laughter and Apologies"

Minions, Magic Mike and a pool noodle wall-of-death; and Shutter 16 got it all on video!

Shutter 16 Magazine would like to present to your our second-ever full-show coverage. We previously brought you Andy the Doorbum’s farewell-show coverage with video, photos and article; now we’re bringing you The Dollar Signs’ album-release show, brought to you by MuesProductions and The World Famous Milestone. The entire show (MC’d by Magic Mike) was a primo lineup of Corporate Fandango, Melt and Mineral Girls, crescendoing toward The Dollar Signs’ first live performance of new songs from their new album Yikes!, available on Bandcamp. Check out our interview with the band at the end of this article.

We want to begin by apologizing that you couldn’t make it out this show. It always saddens us when our readers miss out on a good party: pool noodles made to look like huge cigarettes, used for bashing each other in a wall-of-death; Toppers pizza catering; Magic Mike Casey (the magician); party poppers/confetti tubes and Minions everywhere. Even when a douche-bag gets kicked out for sexual harassment, the vibes stay strong among these true fans. (Both Mineral Girls and The Dollar Signs expressed their utter disgust that this would happen at one of their shows: “we’re going to do whatever we can to make our shows a safe space for anyone who wants to come out to them,” was posted via the Mineral Girls’ page.)

The event began as one would expect a Dollar Signs’ show to: with a magician teaching a couple the importance of squeezing and rubbing balls appropriately, ending with a foam boner appearing out of nowhere. Corporate Fandango was already set up behind Mike Casey, all seven of them. With 3-4 brass instruments on each song, there was a chance that the place would sound crashing and overwhelming, but this performance was supreme. Some folks made a beeline to the merch table for download codes and t-shirts screen-printed by the band, while others remained in the pit skanking and thrashing. The night was opening very strong, and kept the momentum indefinitely.

Magic Mike returned with more introductions and illusions, while Melt prepped the stage. The segue of supremely-energetic Corporate Fandango to energetic ambiance wasn’t entirely seamless, but it was enjoyable to finally see Melt live. Having discovered them a few months ago via Croquet Record’s Twitter feed, they’ve been on the Shutter 16 radar. Their overall stage presence was subdued compared to the loud, fluidity of their music.

As the MC came and went again, Mineral Girls occupied the stage. The front-man donned a deep red robe, slippers and the most festive socks. As if that wasn’t enough to set the tone of the set-list, his between-song comments were as entertaining as the music was innovative: (in response to another member mentioning staying sober up until this show) “Just shut up, what are you even talking about, nobody- even- cares— what’s the next song we’re playing?” (all in a jesting tone). We, unfortunately, did not manage to get footage of their set, but you should take time to go to their next shows instead.

After a bit of book-burning via Magic Mike, The Dollar Signs took to the stage with the first song of the new album: “The End.” Having been to several Dollar Signs’ shows in the past, I have never experienced such frivolity mixed with high-anxiety punk rock. Huge cigarette-colored pool noodles were used for bashing each other’s faces, while everyone made an effort to pop Minions-themed balloons with their shoes. There were only a few hiccups during the set, Erik Button breaking a couple strings and worries that bassist Dylan Wachman would too, as in the past. This was apparently a ‘good’ night for on-stage incidents. In their interview, they talked about how things may “fuck up on stage” but they don’t get hung up on image. They closed the show with Blink 182’s Dammit, leading to a surprising crowd-reaction.

My verdict on the show is a solid 10.0, and my opinion of the album can be summed up in four words: more expressive and polished. I overheard someone in the crowd talking about how rough the first album, The Death of The Party wasm and while I have heard much rougher cuts, compared to Yikes!, it’s pretty gnarly. Good luck releasing something that I dislike, though, Dollar Signs. Check out the video interview to find out where the title of the album Yikes! came from, how Bomb The Music Industry is involved, who they think should win album and video of the year and the scoop on their new album Yikes!

Here’s the interview! (Corporate Fandango playing in the background.)



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