Music Farm Columbia Presents The Return of Pure Hard Rock with 10 Years & Nonpoint

Music Farm Columbia Presents The Return of Pure Hard Rock with 10 Years & Nonpoint

By: Amanda Caines
10 Years//

For the band 10 Years, 2015 marks the tenth anniversary of their breakout album The Autumn Effect, and with that anniversary, the band is “minus the machine,” as one might say, and releasing its second album From Birth to Burial on its own independent label, Palehorse Records. Many who heard the 2010 single “Feeding the Wolves” from their last major-label release sensed the band’s disenfranchisement with the music business in general, and guitarist Ryan “Tater” Johnson’s public rant against illegal downloading presented another piece of evidence. The band focused a lot of those sentiments over the last few years into this record, according to singer Jesse Hasek: “It touches a lot on the anxiety and frustrations and ups and downs of this business,” he said. “You have to stay relevant, you have to compete … and it can really start to put a burden on you. We just try to speak our minds, and vocally and melodically I wanted to just purge it out like a confessional.” “Miscellanea” is the single from the album currently hitting the airwaves, and it’s admittedly a bit different — not only from 10 Years’s traditional sound, but in its lyrical approach. “I wanted to make an abstract painting with vocals,” says Hasek. The interpretation of that lyrical artwork is meant to be left to the listener.

The beauty of Nonpoint is their tenacious hold to the tenets of ‘90s nu-metal without letting that sound grow tired, even eight full-length albums later. The new music is heavy-yet-relevant, with the new singles “Breaking Skin” and “Misery” consistently gracing Sirius XM Octane’s “Big ‘Uns” countdown playlist for the past several weeks. After a bit of break-up rumor anxiety, Nonpoint fans are excited as ever to see the band back on tour with new music after their so-called “dark times” leading up to the release of the band’s new album, The Return, last September. Fans of the now-defunct band Eye Empire will recognize guitarist BC Kochmit as former Nonpoint guitarist Dave Lizzio’s able replacement. Live reviews of the band’s recent shows tout their explosive command of the room when they perform, and drummer Robb Rivera confirms the synergy in the renaissance:

“In this lineup right now, we’re on a high point. Single Breaking Skin is doing killer radio, great sales, attendance, selling merch – it feels like a band again. […] vocalist Elias Soriano and myself have made a pact that, it doesn’t matter when the dark comes, there’s always a light at the end.”

The Family Ruin from the city of York in the U.K. made waves with their adrenaline-soaked stage presence and engaging tunes on both their tours with Mushroomhead and The Chelsea Grin this past year. Now they’re back to hit more U.S. cities to spread the word about their Dearly Departed record, released last year on KBB Records, which some may recognize as Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce’s label. Here’s what Bruce has to say about them: “It has the raw aggression and swagger of Guns ‘N’ Roses and Motley Crüe with the modern edge of bands like Avenged Sevenfold. I couldn’t be more excited that KBB Records has the honor of introducing this incredible band to the world.” With glowing reviews like that, The Family Ruin is certainly worth checking out when they come through town.

Seattle-based Awaken the Empire makes a comeback with a July 24 CD release for Aurora (that means it should be available by this show!) on Another Century records. The group has re-arranged a little since signing with Century Media in 2013 and now has added some gender diversity with female bassist/backing vocalist Romina Fronti. The music still walks the line between punk and metal, tossing in heavy rhythmic breakdowns that defy classic pop-punk, but melodic, catchy choruses that balance the metal edge for a more mainstream-friendly sound. Look out for their recent single “Insomniacs Unite” in their set, which bears some similarities to pop-punk hits of Rise Against and the like.

The overarching theme for these bands is a departure from the technology-infused music of today, more in favor of the more organic, guitar-driven, hard rock that many music fans in Columbia crave. Those rock fans who prefer real drums to drum machines, heavy guitars to synthesizers, and soulful, raw vocals to auto-tune will find this show a breath of fresh air for the ears.



Music Farm Productions Present

10 Years, Nonpoint, The Family Ruin, Awaken The Empire

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

Doors: 6:30 PM | Show: 7:30 PM

All Ages | $17 – $20 >> Get Tickets <<

RSVP on Facebook:


10 Years (website) | FacebookTwitter

Nonpoint (website) | FacebookTwitter

The Family Ruin (website) | FacebookTwitter

Awake the Empire (website) | FacebookTwitter

Music Farm Columbia (website) | Facebook Twitter



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