InCrest: Grunge, Anyone?

InCrest: Grunge, Anyone?

One of my favorite things about music is its ability to flood your brain with memories triggered by certain bands and songs. Maybe a song was on the radio when you were having an amazing night out with your significant other, or at a party you’ll never forget with friends and now every time you hear it you think of those great times. When I heard a band I recently discovered on ReverbNation, I had a similar situation. This band took me back to the mid to late-nineties when I was still discovering tons of music and spending way too much time playing Nintendo.

InCrest has style and sound that just screams nostalgia for any nineties kid like myself. Everything that was great about the music during the decade can be heard in the this group’s tunes. From the raspy vocals and infectious guitar playing of Malte Sandbjerg, to the crashing drums played by Jonas Godtkjær and the pulsating bass playing of Anders Olsen – these guys are on a mission to bring that grungy sound back to radio stations all over the world. While most fans of this style know of all the great groups that pioneered the genre in the early nineties and its roots based in Seattle, I bet none of them would have expected a resurgence to come from three guys in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since forming in 2003, the three piece has only gone through one member change; most bands can’t even go one year without having only one original member left in the group.

The guys have written some really incredible music over the past ten-plus years as well. The first track I had heard was “Even Though,” and like I mentioned above my mind immediately took me back to my younger days of sitting in my room with the radio blasting playing video games; I actually thought it might have been a song featured on one of the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. Once I did a little reading on the outfit playing this throwback tune I realized they weren’t even making music back in those days – they would have been chart-toppers if they were though. “Even Though” has a guitar riff capable of hooking almost any rock fan into the group’s web, where they’ll be consumed by the lyrics and headbanging to the music by the end of the track. “Make Me” is another song I really enjoyed. This one has an odd sound that is a little reminiscent of TOOL primarily in the sound and tone of the guitars. With plenty more songs to check out and the chance to have a few flashbacks to the 1990s, this band will be a great addition on your playlist.

Certain bands or songs may be capable of bringing a memory or two back to mind, but how many groups can take you back to a whole decade of your life? InCrest is a band that will not only do that, but give you hope in a grunge comeback that many rock fans have longed for. Like most bands, there are multiple ways you can keep up with them: Facebook and ReverbNation being two very good options. You can also buy their debut album, Rubicon Atlas, here. Now we just have to hope that the guys can find their way to the U.S. in the near future.


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