The Bleeps: A Reverbnation Band Review

“The Bleeps: A Reverbnation Band Review”

By: Jenn Mott-Redd

The Bleeps formed from an alliance of two popular local bands: Bums Lie and Reckless Youth. Hailing from the NoDa arts community, the band — composed of experienced musicians Dickey Bleep (vocals), Johnny Bleep (bass) and Andy Bleep (drums) — rock out upbeat alternative punk with a reggae/ska influence. Similar to some of their favorite bands like The Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Clash, Pepper, Nirvana, Nofx and Sublime, they offer a modern twist on popular ‘90s grunge and skate-rock with progressive complex rhythms.

The Bleeps combine a heavy rock element with heart-felt, sometimes political lyrics. This shows in songs like “Murder,” as well as more passionate, romantic ones like “Heartaches and Pain.” On their Soundcloud page there are more songs which suggest quite a variety in their catalog. For example, their song “Yo” is mostly instrumental and is really emphasized by a nice reggae/ska beat. Their music is catchy, fast-paced and rhythmic; so much so that I found myself singing along. The song-writing by front-man and guitarist Dickey Bleep (formerly of Bums Lie) is image-descriptive, poetic and relatable. The lyrics really hit home because he sings about topics familiar to most, like love, loss and the government. His words are both tough and tender and go well with his ripping electric guitar.

The Bleeps’ rhythms and beats harmonize well with Dickey’s melodic, but somewhat gravelly alto voice. He projects a confidence, convinced in every word he sings, really engaging the listener. Johnny Bleep (formerly of Bums Lie) makes it flow smoothly by driving tickling, complex and unexpected bass lines. Adding the fierce drum beats by Andy Bleep (formerly of Reckless Youth) really keeps one mesmerized wondering what he’ll hit next. This band’s combination of talents keep you guessing and make you want more. Their songs “Murder” and “Heartaches and Pain” on their ReverbNation page each seem to inspire definite headbanging with bouncy rhythms. Great music for both dancing to or relaxing with after a stressful week. Their style seems to encapsulate a balance of modern alternative rock with inspiring lyrics and passion.

You can find the Bleeps on Facebook (, Reverbnation (, or Soundcloud (

Twitter: @shutter16, @jennmottredd




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