Reverbnation Spotlight: Heaven and Earth

Reverbnation Spotlight: Heaven and Earth

By: Ross Adams

Steeped in the rat-race of the Rock n’ Roll world, lays a band from California called Heaven and Earth. The band is made up of a three-piece outfit with Stuart Smith on guitar, Joe Retta on vocals, and Lynn Sorensen on bass; I must say the absence of a drummer listed under the members section on their ReverbNation page puzzles me a bit, but none the less I enjoyed the songs listed on their page. One of their songs that stood out to me was a song called “No Money, No Love” it’s rhythm, catchy chorus, and the great powerful vocals from Joe Retta comes at me like an early collection from The Black Crowes. Heaven and Earth’s music is bred from 60’s and 70’s classic rock and Retta’s voice is a perfect fit for the band. The band would have been a perfect fit for the movie “Almost Famous” as their bell bottom rock goes in perfect unison to the movies theme and culture.

Songs like “Man and Machine” bring out the classic rich guitar solos of the 70’s and roll along the lines of a machine rock AC/DC song even their slow song “I don’t know what love is” fits the mold of a classic slow rock song. Heaven and Earth have a nice following of fans on their Reverbnation page and look to be experienced musicians in their hometown of Woodland Hills, California.  My advice would be to check their social media pages and keep in touch, it seems they put on a good, fun , classic rock show.



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