ReverbNation Artist: Santino

ReverbNation Artist: Santino

Just outside of Nashville, where country music is king, hip hop artist Santino has been creating music that sounds more like something out of a northeastern town like Philly or New York. Before moving to Murfreesboro, TN Santino started rapping at the age of 13 in his homestate of Florida and has gained a wide fan base through ReverbNation.

Santino has many selections of songs to choose from in his ReverbNation catalog, including the song “Tribulations” which directly reminded me of a Tribe Called Quest, with a melody, and the constant running of Santino-spit lyrics. In the midst of this song, Santino proves he has the poetic qualities that a hip hop artist must possess to rap about the hardships of life and the creative personality of a performer in the spotlight.

Throughout Santino’s songs he seems to be an artist who seeks political justice and equality as he stands up for his beliefs through the words in his songs. He follows the nature of his idols and influences, such as Wu Tang and Biggie Smalls as he morphs poems to songs and words to lyrics. In the song “Rosa Parks” he displays these qualities as he creates the song in a sense of a spoken-word ramble in the middle of somewhat chaotic sounds that can represent the harshness of the world around us.

Santino is just 18 years old and has already created a following around the United States, which as a musician shows talent and hard work ethic, setting him up for a long future in the music industry. Santino is taking a break from touring and is currently in LA, working on new music for his fans.





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