Reverberation Music Review: Keen Society

Reverberation Music Review: Keen Society

By Jenn Mott Redd

When I first listened to Keen Society, I was already grooving a few seconds into their song “Breakdown (Final)” on their Reverbnation page. The singer-songwriter duo, based out of Charlotte, NC consisting of Matt Poplin (vocals & acoustic guitar) and Ren Harriston (vocals). Harriston has a beautifully angelic and soulful voice, with an impressive range. Poplin compliments her well with his use of rap and guitar. Keen Society uses hip hop beats swirled with a nice twist of r&b, pop, soul, hip hop and the blues. I liked the clean electronic beats and sounds they layer nicely with Harriston’s dreamy vocals, and Poplin’s smooth rap, catchy rhyme and pretty guitar melodies. The lyrics by Keen Society are unique to their genre, very positive, passionate and confessional. The honesty and relatableness in their song-writing is admirable. In their song “Go Back” soft keyboard begin this slower song that picks up its pace once the beats begin, contain powerful lyrics that will hit home to anyone who has gone through a break-up with someone they loved. I enjoyed the back and forth vocals between the two talented musicians, so it was like a conversation of lovers. This is something I would love to see them do more of in other songs, creating even more cohesiveness and harmony for the duo, in my opinion. They seem to really care about reaching their fans, making modern music that can be easily related to and inspiring. The band states that their purpose “is to show that if you believe in something & something makes you happy, then you should wholeheartedly chase after it.”

Keen Society can be found on Soundcloud (,

Reverbnation (, and on Facebook (

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