Grown From Fashion Seeds: Palaye Royale

Grown From Fashion Seeds: Palaye Royale

By: Ross Adams

At first glance, Palaye Royale’s ReverbNation page describes them as fashion art rock. Not being familiar with the term, I imagined some sort of David Bowie/Prince obsessed rock n roll band staring at themselves in the mirror for hours on end. Although this may be somewhat true, their music doesn’t quite remind me of those musical icons, but instead brings to mind artists like Buckcherry, more easily fitting into the early 2000’s pop rock category.

Led by Remington Leith on vocals, with Sebastian Danzig on guitar and Emerson Barrett on drums, Palaye Royale is picking up steam in their hometown of Las Vegas, N.V. Overall, their music is great and instrumentally sound, however the vocals leave me on edge a little with his constantly trying-to-be-sexy voice. One of the songs on their ReverbNation page that really grabbed my attention was “Get Higher.” It’s a dance driven song with a catchy chorus, but somehow also seems reminiscent of the sound bands like Steppenwolf had back in the day. Their music definitely hits a sexual vibe and listeners will notice the band’s sound is heavily concentrated on this aspect.

Palaye Royale’s Reverbnation page shows them currently concentrated in the Los Angeles area, but with their hometown being Vegas, they are likely a constant on the western side of the United States.



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