Grizzled Punk Rock Veterans: SixTenSplit

Grizzled Punk Rock Veterans: SixTenSplit

By: Ross Adams
An hour and a half down the road from Charlotte, NC bares a band ringing out sounds similar to ‘80s punk/pop and early ‘90s grunge. Led by female vocalist Patti Davis, SixTenSplit is pumping out distorted guitar sounds while screaming whiskey-soaked vocals in the music circuit of Columbia, SC, Patti Davis reminds me of a quiet, callous girl who writes really heartfelt but depressing poetry who really comes alive and feels at home behind the microphone. Along with Patti Davis on vocals the band is comprised of John Sease on guitar, Jay Matheson on bass and Stan Gardner on drums. SixTenSplit has been together for over 15 years and are no strangers to the Columbia music scene.

Their song catalog on ReverbNation includes seven tracks from the band, the first of which is a song called “Sly” which reminds me of a mixture of Black Sabbath and Courtney Love’s band “Hole.” The song seems to be about an attraction to Davis who seems to slip through her fingers at all times.


SixTenSplit can hit the pop category on a few songs, the song “Babble” reminds me of such that, the song follows a path that describes a pop/punk type category with basic power guitar chords imminent to bands like Nirvana and Green Day in the early ‘90s. SixTenSplit seems a band which knows all too well about the hardships of the music industry and the rat race that it includes. Their last show was back in February at the Art Bar in Columbia and have no new tour dates listed, but be sure to check back often for shows and music.





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