Seattle’s Rustic Whiskey N’ Rye

Seattle’s Rustic Whiskey N’ Rye

By: Ross Adams

From the Pacific coast of one of America’s rainiest and grungiest cities, comes the band Whiskey N’ Rye. At first look at their ReverbNation page I imagined a Rob Thomas-type leader who focused on getting on stage anywhere they can just to get girls to come home with them, but as I listen to the songs displayed on their page my first thought that came to mind is George Thorogood wrestling with Blue Oyster Cult in a mixture of American-pride rock and the want and need to fill the musical spaces with distortion and vocal hooks.

Formed in 2013, Whiskey N’ Rye has proved that they can hold their own in the heavy music scene of Seattle, drawing huge support at many of their shows in Washington’s biggest city. Their music is geared toward creating a melody that will get stuck in your head when you listen to them, words do not seem to be thought about much, just something that clicks with the guitar rhythm and leaves you with the guitar licks ringing in your ears.

Whiskey N’ Rye looks to be a band that will be around for years to come, they have two albums under their belt and look to be surging ahead as they continue to grow a wider audience. They have the potential to step over from an underground band to a mainstream group within the next few years, and have the songs to back it up. The band plays many shows along the West coast and currently has shows booked in Seattle and Oregon in the beginning of July, catch them at one of their shows in the future:

Catch them at:

Aug 15
Hempfest  Seattle, WA RSVP Share
Sep 18 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA  RSVP Share



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