The Perfect Summer Concert – 311 Preview

The Perfect Upcoming Summer Concert: 311


With Summer in full swing, everyone is so busy trying to plan their vacations and nights out that it seems like more work than relaxation. Sure, a trip to the beach is nice and needed sometimes, but if you think about it you’re putting so much energy into those types of trips that it hardly seems like you’re relaxing at all. The Summer is great for not only beach trips, but for going to tons of concerts in your hometown. Little planning is needed, you get to spend the night jamming to some great music with hundreds – or thousands – of people into the same type of music with the possibilities of making new friends and great memories. One of those nights that is almost guaranteed to be memorial is coming up on Friday, July 24 at the Uptown Amphitheatre at the NC Music Factory.


Picture this: you’re sitting outside on a warm Summer night, underneath the stars and the alternative, grooving, rock/rap sounds of 311 are flooding your ears and sending you into that relaxing state of mind you deserve to be in during the Summer. 311 have been putting out great tunes to both headbang and dance to for over twenty years, their live show is one that has always been spoken of very highly within the musical community, and now’s your chance to see it for yourselves. Not only do these veteran rockers have high praise from their peers, but from thousands of loyal fans that have followed them for the past two decades. Combining the sounds of reggae, rock, rap, and funk all into their tunes, this band is true definition of what Summer should sound like.


Coming out during the early ‘90s when rock fans were growing tired of the glam and hard rock scene, bands like 311 burst on to the scene to give them just what they needed. If you’re like me and grew up in the ‘90s, then you should remember hearing these guys all over the radio with hits like “Amber,” “Love Song,” “Down,” and “Beautiful Disaster” just to name a few. It doesn’t matter what style of music you prefer, 311 offer something that almost everyone can get into.


Not only will you get to spend the night jamming out to one the ‘90s best group’s, but you’ll also get to experience some of the best reggae music to ever hit your eardrums; performed by The Green. Hailing from O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, The Green formed in 2009 and has been on a mission to bring reggae music back to the the way it was in the days of Bob Marley ever since. After releasing their self titled debut in 2010, they were awarded iTunes Best Reggae Album of the Year. I can’t think of a better opener for 311 than these guys, so make sure to get to the venue early to catch all their great music!


Did you ever get that image in your head I talked about earlier? If you did I’m sure it put a smile on your face. What better way to spend one of your many Summer nights than to jam to one of alternative rocks biggest groups, as well as some reggae newcomers? The smooth blending of the styles rock, rap, reggae, and funk are perfect for this time of year and I’m sure you will feel like you are on vacation for those few hours. Tickets can be purchased here for the low price of $27.50 up to $49.50. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Don’t miss this one!

 Gallery from their last performance at PNC Music Pavillion:

[simpleviewer gallery_id=”274″]



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