Paloma Faith visits Eden

paloma faith (29)

Well the 2015 Eden Sessions are now at the halfway point and show number three featured the immense talent that is Paloma Faith. Support on the night came from the extremely laid back  Liam Bailey.

liam bailey (16)

As fans stood in the heat of the sun, Liam’s short but sweet set chilled the sweltering crowd. His mellow, soulful tunes set the tone for the night and he seemed to enjoy performing as much as the crowd enjoyed listening to him. To say Liam is one cool dude is something of an understatement.

liam bailey (7)

He has the look, the style and most importantly the voice to back it all up and my one surprise is that he isn’t a household name already.

liam bailey (11)

Perhaps touring with the likes of Paloma will give him the break he needs and I for one think it’s a break he deserves.

 paloma faith (3)

After his set we had the usual break in proceedings as the stage was set for Paloma and her band and although this took some time it only added to the the excitement as fans around the arena waited in anticipation. Palomas band entered the stage first. They were all dressed in fancy gold suit jackets and certainly looked the part but they were to be outdone by Paloma who wore a short backless dress covered in sparkly beads. This looked magnificent in the sunlight but even better under the stage lights.

paloma faith (24)

As she strutted onto the stage she looked determined to put on her best show ever and lets just say I for one was blown away by how good she was. Having seen her before I was left a little disappointed on that occasion. Not by her magnificent voice but by how little she seemed to put into her performance. Perhaps the previous time was her on a bad day but it was a long way from this performance. She strutted around the stage and had a huge stage presence as she impressed the sold out crowd. They were putty in her hand as she sang song after song. With her impressive band joining her or vice versa throughout the show  it also made for a visual delight. Her banter between songs is always funny and her voice just adds to this banter because it’s so unusual, perhaps quirky is the word that best describes it. She comes across as totally bonkers and I mean that in a good way, she is a one off and I would be happy just to listen to her telling stories for the night.

paloma faith (12)

Perhaps wrongly, the highlight of her set for me was her cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic Purple Haze that she had the crowd singing along to. Well I say singing but actually Paloma asked them to make the sound they make when they are making love. She again mentioned Eden which got a loud cheer from those making strange noises that she had suggested. As the night drew to a close Paloma left the stage only to return shortly after for a couple more songs before calling it a night.

I say that those at Eden that night were lucky to catch a young lady at the very top of her game and let’s hope that Paloma is around for many years to come. She is such an interesting person and, although a little eccentric, the English public love her and her ways. A special mention must be given to the many staff at the Eden Project. With yet another sold out gig the night went without a hitch showing how well organised the venue and staff are.

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