The Rock 'N' Roll Spirit Lives in Midnight Mob

I often wonder what the new style of rock music will sound like when my daughter is in her teens and really diving into the music scene. The style changes as every decade comes, and with that a new attitude is brought upon the genre. Maybe this is a sign of getting old, but I just can’t get into a lot of this “new rock” being played all over FM radio and tv. I go down a path less traveled to find new music that meets my rock ‘n’ roll needs. A path that leads me to bands from all over the world many people have yet to discover, and some that are already making a name for themselves just waiting to break out. The band I will be talking about today is one of the latter.

Midnight Mob are a group of rockers from New York that are destined to make it big in the music business. With a sound different from almost every new rock band out there, these guys and gals can win over fans of hard rock, metal, punk, and classic rock after one listen to any of their tunes. From the powerful vocals of frontwoman Blackey Deathproof to the scorching guitar solos from Mickey Squeeze, this band has proven that they’re the real deal.

 The music is the perfect blend of madness and attitude, capable of giving you an adrenaline rush that could last an entire day. Let’s start with the guitars; the riffs and solos Squeeze and fellow guitarist Spydyr pump out are insane. You have to go back a couple of decades to hear playing like this. They’re loud, aggressive and have a tone that will make any guitarist jealous. For all you groove nuts out there, you’ll be shaking everything you’ve got after hearing the duo of bassists Carly Quinn and drummer Beatz. The way Beatz pounds on the drums to make his upbeat style flow so smoothly through your speakers is beyond me. Quinn will rattle your bones from head to toe, urging you to get up and dance like you’ve never danced before.

As good as the musicians playing these catchy tunes are, the vocals are what first dragged me into their entrancing rock ‘n’ roll web. Deathproof has a voice that can hold up to any rock vocalists there is, male or female. She sings with soul, power and passion as her raspy voice hits notes high and low, seamlessly weaving her way in and out of the music. The vocal melodies she comes up with will be stuck in your head for days, proving that this girl is more than just another pretty face that knows how to sing.


If you’re on the hunt for something new to revive your rock ‘n’ roll spirit, look no further than Midnight Mob. This band can best be described as controlled chaos, and could possibly be the group to give rock new life in its sedated state. You should all know how to use social media by now, and you should all know that that’s the best way to keep up with all your favorite artists. So why not go ahead and check Midnight Mob out of Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation; you won’t be disappointed.


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