Bellusira: Aussie Rock

By: Leslie Hadaway

ReverbNation Artist Spotlight with Bellusira: Rock from Down Under

Someone call the police! My ears have been assaulted! Just completely torn to shreds, my eardrums busted by this amazing band from the land down under: Melbourne. This totally amazing Aussie band that I speak of is none other than Bellusira.

Seriously one of the best original bands that I have heard in a long time. After sitting and stewing on this band for a bit, I can see why they have been so successful. Bellusira is Crystal Ignite on lead vocals, Brian Dalbeth, tearing it up on the bass, newcomer Gary burning up the strings on lead guitar and, last but not least, Bollet the Brazilian styles on drums.

This rocker chick got the opportunity to talk to Dalbeth about the band, their influences and generally what makes them click as a band.

S16: What songs do you feel best introduces the band to someone new?

I think from the first record, Connections, the opening track, “Cachango,” would give the listener a good idea on what we are about. We blend big female vocals and melodies with high energy tunes, heavy riffs, and some downturned love. That track would be the one I would send their way.

S16: As far as the creative process goes, is it one person who does the writing, or is it more of a collaboration?

On the Connections album it was a joint effort. Some ideas Crystal and I had we brought to the band to tweak together, some were ideas our guitarist, at the time, had that we worked on, and a couple were full band jam sessions.

With the new record that we are currently in studio finishing the last few tracks, I have taken on a bulk of the heavy lifting with the riffs. I generally listen to some heavier stuff than the rest of the guys, so this album is heavier. Crystal and I have done a lot of writing at home with the acoustic guitar and lyric book, lots of hours spent there getting ideas to the level where we bring it to the band, or the studio. Our new guitarist, Gary, has also been great at bringing a couple of ideas to the table, and helping us finish off existing ones that Crystal and I have been working on.

S16: Who have been some of your biggest musical influences?

As a bassist, the players that made me want to play were, Billy Gould from (FNM), Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) and Robert Delo (STP). All amazing players with their own styles. I’m not really into the flashy over-the-top players, ones that write the right lines for the song are the ones that I love.

From an overall musical point of view, the guy that made me fall in love with music, was Bruce Springsteen. He had attitude and told a story with his songs. As I got older, my taste got heavier, such acts like Deftones and Machine Head. A lot of female fronted acts that did an amazing job of blending heavy with female vocals were Skunk Anansie, L7, Veruca Salt and Hole.

In recent times I have bought a record player and have been enjoying some Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan and Neil Young.

S16: What was it like hearing yourselves on the radio for the first time?

It’s a pretty amazing feeling, no doubt about it! We have been fortunate enough to have been played on radio stations both here and in Australia. Hopefully with the new release we can grab even more radio coverage.

 S16: What differences do you see between Australian audiences and US audiences?

Both audiences have their own thing going on. We have a good fan base back in Australia, so it’s always a great feeling getting back there, touring and catching up with some incredibly loyal fans. We are finding with the new American fans that they are equally as supportive,  and with a couple of U.S. tours under our belt now, we’re noticing some regular faces in the audience. The plan is to keep putting our head down and continue to play our asses off over here.


The new album is expected to drop in September of this year. I certainly can’t wait to hear it!  Well gents and sheilas, that’s it for this rocker chick. Until next time, tune in, turn on and rock out!  As always don’t forget to share your before,during,and after party pictures using #twitfromthepit


Bellusira – Cachango (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)



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