Metal's Next Big Band? (MY Dear Addiction Review)

I’m pretty picky when it comes to metal music. I’m not quite sure why, but there’s just certain things that can turn me on or off of a metal band really quickly. Because of this, when I’m in the mood for a heavy fix there are few bands for me to choose from. Luckily for me, I just stumbled upon a band from Sweden that got me excited about the genre once again.

My Dear Addiction is from Almhult, Sweden — and man do they kick some ass. It’s no secret that Sweden has a ton of great metal bands, that style is actually celebrated and used in tv commercials and such there. With that in mind, think of how hard it must be for bands to break out of the scene. With so many groups all within the same style and having the same goals, the competition must be as fierce as the music itself. Combining the styles of melodic metal and a hint of thrash, these guys have created a perfect storm of sounds to make some really great head-pounding tunes.


The first thing I always listen for when checking out a new metal band are the vocals. If it’s nothing but growling and screaming I’m probably not going to dig it, but if there are some melodies and clean vocals thrown in then my interest is sparked. Vocalist Kim Lindsten has been able to keep a melodic sense to both his screaming and clean vocals which really pleases my ears, this guy has a really great style and voice. Lindsten really pushes this band to another level with his perfect combination of singing and screaming, knowing exactly when to start one style and jump into the other.

As far as the music goes, to be metal it has to have some serious drumming going on. Peter Parkeborn pounds away on the drums like his life depends on it. Like Lindsten’s vocals, Parkeborn’s drumming is a huge part of this band’s great music. Only using the feverish double bass that has become popular within the genre when needed and not wearing it out like many bands do, he also keeps a steady pace playing what fits in with the song at times rather than showing off. The guitars are exactly what every metal fan wants to hear, full of infectious riffs and speed. The vocals are responsible for a lot of the melodies, but the guitars are also a big contributor in this department. With plenty of chugging riffs blasting from your speakers at high speeds, there are also some pretty sweet lead licks that stand out and add a little extra hook to some already catchy music.

If you’re a metal fan, this band is definitely worth checking out. Like I mentioned above, I’m pretty picky when it comes to this style of music, and if I like them chances are you will too. You can follow them on social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter, as well as head over to their ReverbNation page. Let’s just hope these guys can make it over to the U.S for a tour in the near future.



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