UK Review: Eden Sessions Kicks-off with Paolo Nutini's Triumphant Return

UK Review: Eden Sessions Kicks-off with Paolo Nutini’s Triumphant Return

Eden Crowd (9)The world-famous Eden Sessions have now entered their fourteenth year and what better way to kick off this year’s proceedings than to bring back Paolo Nutini. Only a few acts have made a return appearance over the years and the Eden Project’s decision to bring back Paolo proved a good move as the tickets sold out in next to no time. After a week of blistering sunshine a sudden change in the weather had flood warnings in place for the night but the damp conditions didn’t deter the crowd. Eden has a no umbrella rule for its concerts so people came well prepared in a vast array of ponchos and the like but thankfully Eden seemed to miss the worst of the rain.

Harry Collier (8)

Harry Collier opened proceedings and what an awesome way to kick things off. Best known as the voice of British pop, rockers Kubb and local legends Rootjoose Harry has recently returned to Cornwall and is now displaying his immense talent touring locally.

Harry Collier

His short set was breathtaking and left me wanting to hear much more. Sat center stage with just his guitar, he wowed the audience with a selection of his songs as well as an ABBA classic “Dancing Queen” before leaving the stage to make way for The Staves.

The Staves (17)

After a long wait the The Staves appeared on the Eden stage along with numerous other band members. The three sisters Emily, Jessica and Camilla are obviously the main attraction and their folk sound is perfect for the Eden arena.

The Staves (18)

Their harmonies are superb and it’s clear to see why they are so highly rated. Just as Harry before them they only got a short set but it was more than enough to show the sold out crowd just how good they are.

The Staves (20)

The end of their set was the signal for the rain-soaked crowd to rush to the bar to refill their glasses and again there was plenty of time before Paolo Made his appearance. He strode onto the stage along with his backing band and the crowd went wild.

The Staves (22)

I was surprised at the vast age range amongst the crowd and it shows what a diverse following he has.

Eden CrowdWithout wasting any time Paolo went straight into his first song and seemed to catch the lighting crew off guard as it was several seconds before the lighting hit him. He sounded superb and put on one hell of a show.

Paolo Nutini (25)

The songs came one after another and some had been reworked and were nearly unrecognizable such was the change in tempo. One such song was “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” and although I love the original this slower version blew me away.

Paolo Nutini (7)

The rain returned and the sky went dark but this only added to the atmosphere and Paolo had the crowd eating out of his hands.

Paolo Nutini (27)

After well over an hour Paolo and his band left the stage but it was only a short break and they soon returned to play several more songs before the show was over.

Paolo Nutini (20)

As always the end of the show means a rush for the exit and fans heading up the Eden walkways as fast as they could to avoid any traffic hold ups. If the rest of this year’s Eden Sessions are as great as this one, the paying public are in for a treat and congratulations must be given to all the Eden staff for not just booking such superb acts but for their support on the night making sure everything ran so smoothly.

Eden Crowd (2)



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