Exclusive Interview: YARBS

Shutter 16 sat down to talk with Yarbs about the coming year and the future of their music.


S16: Your songs are “in your face” but they don’t feel too aggressive. What theme/themes do you guys feel run through your music?

Yarbs: Really we wanted our music to cover the full realm of human emotions so even though the music is at times abrasive we never wanted it to be simply aggressive music. Many of the themes in our music are just as ambient as some of the guitar work, but commonly occurring themes are war, revolution, empathy, love, and loss of religion.

S16: With your self-titled release out now, how has getting an album under your belt helped to shape your future sound?

Yarbs: Getting the album out was a bit of a process but once it was finished we felt a huge sense of accomplishment and we’re really excited about future releases. The release began shaping our “future sound” almost immediately. There are certain songs on the album that we don’t play anymore because we don’t feel they’re an accurate representation of Yarbs. So with the new songs that we’ve been writing we started focusing on our favorite parts of the album with intentions to elaborate on those ideas. Listening to the album together we’d all agree that certain songs were just the embodiment of Yarbs, usually the song was short, complex, catchy, and abrasive. So a lot of the new material is kind of focused on moving in that direction.

S16: I know a lot of bands do it lately, but what convinced you to release a physical copy of your album on cassette?

Yarbs: Outside of being the most economical format to release our music on we felt that cassette tapes in particular cater to the sound that our band is going for. I feel, like vinyl there are just certain things that happen while you’re listening to a cassette that you don’t get to experience when you’re listening to something on a digital format.


S16: Do you guys have any songs that are still a challenge each time you play?

Yarbs: We have a pretty decent practice routine and take each practice and performance seriously but somehow no matter how much we practice there are still certain songs that give us a hard time every time we play them. The times, which is more often than not, that we play the songs well we feel they represent the band the best. “Detour” (which isn’t on our album but we’re trying to release it with a batch of new songs some time soon) and “Mid-day Binge” are the main two that are always a little bit challenging but in a good way.

S16: After playing The Milestone, what shows do you guys having coming up over the summer?

Yarbs: Unfortunately we won’t be playing as much as we’d like to over the Summer. Everyone’s traveling schedule is overly hectic. So far we have the Soul Bar in Augusta booked for June 2nd and the Reanimator record store in Winston-Salem booked for June 3rd. After that I think the only thing that is official official is the Punk Rock picnic at Tremont Music Hall. We’re still working on some in town dates for mid June and late July and trying to set up a few dates for a mini tour sometime in August.

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Gallery from their last show at The Milestone Club.
Bands that played: Yarbs, Pallow,  EarthMover, Late Bloomer

Upcoming Dates:


June 2 – Soul Bar – Augusta GA

June 3: ReAnimator Records – Winston Salem NC

Aug 8 – 8th Annual PUNK ROCK PICNIC at Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte NC

Late Bloomer:

Jun 10 – Snug Harbor – Charlotte, NC
Jun 12 – Hellraiser Haus – Greensboro, NC
Jun 27 – Chop Shop – Charlotte, NC
Aug 01 – In It Together Fest – Washington, DC
Aug 21 – Snug Harbor – Charlotte, NC
Oct 30 – FEST – Gainesville, FL



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