Preview: A Light Divided Release Party at The Blind Tiger

A Light Divided Release Party at The Blind Tiger

A Light Divided - 02

This Saturday, May 16, A Light Divided is holding a CD release blow-out for their newest creation: Mirrors. The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC has held some incredible events, and this could easily make that list. This event, sponsored by Deja Vu Tattoo, Paint Therapy Winston-Salem and Shoot The Moon Entertainment, has no cover charge.

A Light Divided is hoping to send their new release home with everyone on Saturday, but also performing are Blackwater Drowning, Cry Autumn, After The Movies, Procedural Memory, Something Clever, Convicted Fate and Shadow Of Myself. Perhaps you think you’re too busy, or have a long Netflix queue to catch up on, but that kind of line-up with no cover is reason enough to start mailing out those rain-checks.

A Light Divided - 07

This album, Mirrors, is bound to impress the current fans, and if you’re out for new jams, take a listen. Not only is the sample enough of a taste to get me chugging on this foggy Tuesday morning, but I can feel it fueling me for the rest of the day. If you’re unable to attend the event or just can’t wait for the official release, there is actually a pre-release available for purchase here: A Light Divided NoiseTrade. A two-track sample is available on iTunes and NoiseTrade.

A Light Divided - 17

My personal verdict on the preview: 10/10. For all of you fans of female vocalists who are rough around the edges, with a style that won’t quit, and a band that does much more than just back her up. A solid drummer in Adam Smith pairs well with the chug and thump bass-lines of Mike Underwood. There’s that rugged metal-but-not-metal vibe from Eric Humiston on guitar with James Lewis, who also tosses in some sick accent vocals during a break-down. I would refer to it as accessible grindage, something to sink your teeth into from a band not afraid to bite back.

A Light Divided - 18

Be there this Saturday at The Blind Tiger. They’re selling VIP packages on their website including early access, pizza with the bands, a copy of Mirrors, and any choice of t-shirt in stock, all for $15. That’s sort of ridiculous, but my sources check out, you’re basically stealing from them, so bring out all of your friends so they break-even! We’ll be there with Kevin McGee on the lens. Keep listening, and be sure to #twitfromthepit for those of us who aren’t cool enough to get the day off work.





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