New Faces Playlist: ReverbNation

New Faces Playlist: ReverbNation

By: Keith Amerson

Below is a playlist of our picks to help This playlist is designed to offer you a sample smorgasbord of sounds available to you on ReverbNation. It includes the melodic, hard rock stylings of Seven Circle Sunrise to help you throw the alarm clock against the wall and make that first cup of coffee. Next there’s the sweeter rock/pop of Open Sails to keep your pulse up after things get started. Following them is the dreamy, indie pop of Flora Cash to soothe you into tackling whatever the day may bring. Radio Drive keeps you in motion with their throwback alternative sound, while Michael Hubbard helps you to unwind with his smooth r&b/soul sound. Enjoy this playlist as the day passes into the night and we try to enjoy those few hours that are ours before we have to get up and do it all over again.

Photo via Seven Circle Sunrise’s Facebook

Seven Circle Sunrise is a hard rock trio with melodic vocals and a sound that brings to mind Chevelle and early Papa Roach. Formed in Canton, Ohio, they are currently on tour supporting their album: Beauty In Being Alone. It is a solid outing from start to finish with a few unexpected surprises along the way. One such surprise is the song “Nevershine,” which deftly and beautifully slows down their sound and adds piano for a song that deals with love, addiction, self-worth and the lack thereof we all sometimes feel. This is the most commercial song on this collection, but the entire album has hooks that will stay with you. Keep an eye and an ear out for these guys.

Photo via Open Sails’ Facebook

Open Sails is a rock/pop quintet from Alberta. Frontwoman, Joy Lynn, sings with an urgency and edge that propels each song violently forward while keeping the melody intact. Although not mentioned in their bio, on top of their rock/pop sound is a heavy dose of what became the marketable version of emo in the early 2000s. You can hear shades of Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day and Yellowcard. Their song “Breakdown” perfectly pulls from all of these disparate elements while still remaining a wholly original song by an interesting band. They are currently supporting their album: Stars Apart.

Photo via Flora Cash’s Facebook

Flora Cash formed in 2012 and their version of indie pop with a penchant for folk flavoring has grown and matured ever since. This duo formed when Shpresa Lleshaj in Stockholm, and Cole Randal in Minneapolis, got together after months of a “Skype relationship.” They were attracted by shared musical interest and would end up married and recording. They have three EPs available from Flower Money Records. “This Breeze” is an ephemeral, dreamy song, that only becomes more intricate and rewarding when heard through headphones. It is from the current EP they are supporting: I Will Be There. Although the music landscape is littered with duos (often in similar romantic situations) and even though these guys sound somewhat like The Civil Wars, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, they produce a very unique and consistent sound; there is not a single throwaway/filler track on this EP.

Photo via Radio Drive’s Facebook

Radio Drive create an alternative/pop rock sound that nostalgically made me hark back to the alternative music of the early ‘90s. This quartet from St. Paul, Minn. share sonic elements with Teenage Fanclub and Cracker. Their music is catchy, with big choruses. Kevin Gullickson, the main songwriter, kept the moniker Radio Drive from an old band he was in and brought in new musicians for this version of Radio Drive. Their song “Footsteps” has a chorus that is so infectious it will not leave your head until you sleep. Musically it is firmly grounded in the alternative/pop rock genre with lyrics that could have been on a mid-period Beatles album: “You’ll hear the sound of my footsteps and know that I am there. You’ll hear the sound of my footsteps and know that I still care.” The guys are currently supporting their third album: This Is Our Time which is out on the 2EDGE Music label. Spend an evening getting to know them, you will be glad you did.

Photo via Michael Hubbard’s Facebook

Michael Hubbard produces a sound that is an even mixture of R&B and Soul with Gospel and Funk elements woven into his creative tapestry. Hailing from Arlington, TX, his music shifts from upbeat, funky numbers to songs and vocals as smooth as the Quantum Stabilized Atom Mirror. Fans of Babyface and Jill Scott should find a lot to love here. “Green Dolphin Street” featuring Elizabeth Nkwocha is a sultry track with a tempo designed  to unwind you at the end of a long day. A smoky saxophone adds a soulful compliment to an already amazing song. Michael Hubbard is getting ready to tour/support his forthcoming album: Cornucopia. It will be released through his own company: Michael Hubbard Music.

These tunes will not show up at work for you, but they will help nudge you awake in the morning, keep you going throughout the day and then gently tuck you in after you decompress at night (with or without an adult beverage). When nothing is certain, it’s nice to know these songs are hanging around waiting for you to give them another listen. What are you waiting for?



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