Gallery:The Heaven Bound Tour | Interview with Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer and Alright headlined a night of rock music at Snug Harbor with support from fellow local acts Mineral Girls and Banda Suki. Unique in their individual approach but complementary in sound and attitude the night was another example of the talent creating music and more in Charlotte.


Josh Robbins, member of both Alright and Late Bloomer, spoke with us about the tour and as owner of local Self Aware records filled us in on their future plans.

Shutter16: The show at Snug Harbor finds us celebrating the record release from Alright. As this is one of your newer projects, could you tell us about how the the project, the new record and the tour with Late Bloomer came together?

Robbins: Late Bloomer has been planning to tour since the album came out last July. Alright was releasing a 7″ and it made sense to just combine the two. I play in both bands and I can only get so much time off work, to be honest.

Alright has been a band for a little over a year. We knew from the beginning we wanted to do a 7″, so it’s just a timeline thing and a waiting game.

Shutter16: The show at Snug Harbor is also the first night of a quick tour up the east coast with Late Bloomer and Alright. You will be playing with a handful of bands while out… anybody new to you guys that you are really looking forward to checking out?

Robbins: I would suggest Twin Foxes from Providence, RI and also Dogs on Acid from Philadelphia. Dogs on Acid just signed to Jade Tree Records and the band features ex members of Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader.

Shutter16: As we find ourselves well on into 2015 now what plans are in store for Late Bloomer, Alright and Self Aware records?

Robbins: Late Bloomer will be playing some other out of town one off shows throughout the year. We are also working on writing our [third] LP and hopefully recording it before the end of the year.

Alright plans to write and record our debut LP as well, hopefully for an early 2016 release.

Self Aware Records has a bunch of releases coming out. A lot of them that we can’t mention yet, and are underwraps. We are working with Richmond, VA band: Sea of Storms on their debut LP. The band features ex members of Mouthbreather.

We released the debut album from local singer/songwriter Family Friend (Neil Mauney) in early 2015 and we are currently re-pressing the Museum Mouth LP that we released last May. We have some more tapes, and various 7″s coming out this year. It’s shaping up to be another busy one!

Late Bloomer:





The Mineral Girls:


Banda Suki:


Venue: Snug Harbor
Tour Name : The Heaven Bound Tour

Late Bloomer –
Alright –
The Mineral Girls –
Banda Suki –

Record Labels:
Self Aware Records

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The Heaven Bound Tour remaining dates:

March 23 (Monday)- Oaklyn, NJ @ Studio Lu Loo w/ Extract, Goddamnit…

March 24 (Tuesday)- @ Bethpage, NY @ Mr. Beery’s w/ Greensleep, Troubled Hearts…

March 25 (Wednesday)- Boston, MA @ O’Briens w/ Drug Dogs, New Legs…

March 26 (Thursday)- Providence, RI @ Aurora w/ Twin Foxes, Laika’s Orbit, Bloodpheasant…

March 27 (Friday)- Philadelphia, PA @ KFN Upstairs w/ Dogs on Acid, Clique…

March 28 (Saturday)- Washington, DC @ Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar w/ Sundials, Oklahoma Car Crash…

Late Bloomer

April 11 – The Milestone Club Charlotte, NC

Banda Suki

March 26 – Go Bar Athens, GA
March 30 – The Milestone Club Charlotte, NC
April 02 – Crown Station Coffee House & Pub Charlotte, NC
April 20 – Thomas Street Tavern Charlotte, NC
April 25 – Snug Harbor Charlotte, NC



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