ReverbNation Artist Spotlight: Lydia Rene

ReverbNation Artist Spotlight: Lydia Rene

Some music transforms the listener. I’m not a shy person, and I’m apt to breaking into song, but that’s usually after I’ve listened to said song about a dozen times or more. Lydia Rene has an ability to make me sing along with her buttery vocals and elocution. Her debut album, Vintage Heart, came out in February and was produced and written by this quadruple threat. I am in love with this album; her voice, her lyrics and the music surrounding both create a care-free atmosphere of life and love. Let’s see how well I can type while dancing in place and singing along to her neo-soul debut.

 Vintage Heart has seven tracks, all of which would suit nearly any season or mood, and an additional two bonus songs. Track by track, the album unfolds with anecdotes of love and the many facets that come with it. For instance, the song “Feels So Nice (Wasting Time)” illustrates some of the simpler things that come with relationships (of many kinds): date night, cereal and cartoons on a weekend morning. This track features her harmonizing with herself on a backing track, giving it a lilting, fun vibe.

The next track rolls in with a touch of Wonder and a tinge of mo-town. “Last Night” is in close second to my favorite song from Rene. She manages to express the bittersweet or apprehensive situation of new love via lyrics, but especially her composition. As the song builds momentum, we’re given a glimpse at her ability to imply a story with a subtle but relatable ballad. This is what I consider the most emotionally-charged song on the album

“True Love” begins as some well-known ‘80s metal ballads did, and melts into a groovy, guitar-laden jazz rift. This could be part of a soundtrack to a cyberpunk or retro-futuristic film. The styles that are meshed here are surprising and moving. The wails of slight guitar distortion and her own calls for “true love, true lo-o-ove” mingle to create something to fall for.

The final track I’ll suggest, without giving it all away, is “That’s Life.” The best metaphor for this track would be the morning after a good dinner, swell date and great sex. Don’t get me wrong, the song probably isn’t about sex, but the up-beat nature and fast-paced tempo is a sort of rejuvenating feeling; it’s a feeling that nothing can get you down. I would almost compare this song to Big D’s “Shine On,” it has a similar tone, lyrically.

As a whole, Vintage Heart elicits a feeling of the weekend, a kind of weekend where all the bills are paid, you’re where you want to be in life and you have some great music to listen to with your beau. The album paces beautifully, and fills a cd perfectly. Rene performs with a vintage heart, a vintage style, but an all-new voice. The lyrics as her arsenal, she seduces the mike with casual familiarity. Take a listen to her as she walks you through a day in the life of love and spirit.

Rene’s interview talking about what she is about and how that influences the music she creates. Video via Lydia Rene’s Youtube




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