ReverbNation Artist Spotlight : Final Curse

ReverbNation Artist Spotlight : Final Curse

by: Leslie Hadaway

Final Curse is Charlotte thrash metal at its finest. Listening to these guys is like opening Metallica’s’ Kill’em All for the first time. I dare say that Final Curse is this generation’s Metallica and Anthrax combined, but I’ll let you decide.

Final Curse and its original line-up (Mike Plowman, Madison Stegall, Ron Dalton and David Holquin) first came together in 2006 and released a four-song EP shortly thereafter entitled Cursing the Deceivers. The band went on to release two full-length albums: Constructing the Destructive in 2008, Way of the Accursed in 2012 and their latest release: Sheryl Crow Camel Toe.

I recently asked Plowman about the band’s influences and when he first knew he wanted to create music.

“After I saw Metallica’s Live Shit Binge and Purge box set. I was six and James Hetfield was just bad-ass to me. His guitar said “EET FUK” and there were boobs in the crowd and beer, just awesome thrash metal…loved the energy and ferocity…wanted to be like Papa Het!”

Well if this latest release has anything to say, Plowman you are well on your way already.

The band’s influences are pretty self-evident in their songs. “Consume” is reminiscent of early Megadeth and Slayer. It also has a tinge of more modern thrash metal bands, such as, Hatebreed and Black Label Society. This is one of the best thrash metal songs I’ve heard in a very long time.


“The Vigilant” is what Anthrax and Kreator would create if they had a baby. I love the shredding guitars. The guitar solos on this song are absolutely kick-ass! I love a really good aggressive guitar, and this song definitely has it. A good guitar sound gets my mojo flowing! I love Mike’s vocals on this song, it’s the right amount of both aggressive, raunchy, and in your face sound that I really love.

“Tomb” is another killer track from this amazing album. It has kind of a slow start, then the double bass drums kick into high gear! I love the double bass drums!  Musically speaking it takes you on a journey. This is really one of the better songs off of the album. I’m surprised that the band didn’t release this one as a single. This is one of those in-your-face, kick down the doors, kind of songs.

Honestly speaking, I’ve never really cared much for thrash metal. I’m more of a hard rock/classic rock kind of girl. However, I find myself absolutely loving Final Curse! Mike and the boys have definitely made a new fan out of me.

In regards to any new music, videos and touring, they are currently in the early stages of writing new material. They have just finished taping a new video for “The Vigilant” that was filmed in Henderson, NC. As far as playing live and touring is concerned, Mike had this to say:

“We love to play live, but music is tough these days. We look for great opening gigs for bigger bands or tour opportunities that are feasible financially. We’d absolutely love to play Europe and South America.”

Fans of the band can definitely look forward to more great music, more videos and some killer shows. 2015 is definitely going to be year of the Curse.

Until next time, tune in, turn on and rock out. As always, don’t forget to share your before, during and after party pictures using #twitfromthepit.




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