A Modern Band That Rocks (Chasing Carmen)

Rock is a genre of music that has kind of slipped out of the spotlight in recent years, taking the back seat to pop and hip-hop, among other styles. Modern rock bands looking to make a name for themselves have a much more difficult task than the groups that made it in past decades. Is it because newer bands lack that spark that resonates with the fans? Maybe they just don’t have the right sound to catapult them into the spotlight. Whatever it is, there are bands that seem to be gaining some ground in what seems to be an overflowing pool of modern rock acts. I’m not a big fan of most new rock, but one band has shown me that it’s not all bad.

Chasing Carmen is a group from New York that has some pretty good things going for them. Loaded with six accomplished members: vocalist Evan D’Abrosca, guitarist/vocalist Zakk Rogg-Meltzer, guitarists Dave Case and Jon Bernstein, drummer Pete Sinéad and bassists Joey D’Alessio; this band should be on every rock fan’s playlist. Their songs feature everything this style of music needs to succeed: loud guitars, great lyrics, catchy melodies/hooks and good chemistry. With an impressive resume that seems to be getting more additions all the time, the future of this band looks very bright.

They’ve played the Rockstar Uproar festival and SXSW festival among other historic venues across the United States. They have also opened for legendary acts like Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction, Sevendust, Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, Saving Abel, Coheed and Cambria,Taproot, Lacuna Coil and Coal Chamber.

If all that doesn’t demonstrate to you how good these guys are, maybe you should check out some of their songs to hear for yourself. If you’re into harder rock, but don’t like all the screaming vocals, you will love “Favorite Star.” This song is driven by a groovy bass-line with layers of guitars thrown on top to give the track a huge sound. The vocals in this one have an aggressive feel, making the music seem that much heavier.

Not into the harder stuff? They still got you covered with tunes like “Save Your Neck.” This song is for all you acoustic guitar loving folks out there, and who doesn’t love the sound of an acoustic guitar being played beautifully? This one is the exact opposite of “Favorite Star,” with vocals that fit perfectly in with the softer guitars. The melodies are what makes this one special.

“Fake Humanity” is one that fits somewhere in between the two tracks mentioned above. With a softer, more melodic verse, the chorus picks it up a little with a catchy guitar riff that takes over the song. My favorite song by Chasing Carmen though is “Dethroned.” This is another hard rocking song that is extremely easy to jam to. I would add it to my workout playlist; it just has that type of vibe to it. The verse is a really simple chucking guitar riff, a basic drum beat and easy to sing-along-to vocals, but sometimes simplicity makes for the best songs.

If you’re looking for some new bands to add to your music collection, give Chasing Carmen a listen. They prove that modern rock still has good artists fighting the good fight and helping the scene grow. I’m sure they have big plans for the remainder of 2015, so go ‘Like’ them on Facebook, check out their ReverbNation page and follow them on Twitter so you can keep up with all their happenings. This could be a band that you can say you saw before they got huge, don’t let that opportunity slip away!



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