A Band of Many Styles: Gentlemen and Scholars

A Band of Many Styles: Gentlemen and Scholars

Photo via Gentlemen and Scholars’ Facebook

How often do you come across a band that can write an entire album’s worth of songs and each one of them have their own unique sound? I’m going to go ahead and guess almost never. After searching through pages of bands on ReverbNation trying to find a band that stood out from all the others, I finally found one in Gentlemen and Scholars. This a rock band that can incorporate many different styles and genres into their music and make it sound awesome. Even if you’re not into rock music, you should check this group out.

First of all, these four guys are insanely talented and creative. It almost makes me want to take  a trip to their hometown of Evansville, Ind. to see if all the musicians there are this good. Most of their tunes sound like ten musicians are playing on them instead of just the four that make up the band. Vocalist/guitarist Jeremiah Galey has a voice that stands out from most other singers and writes some pretty deep lyrics:

I’m sippin bourbon from a silver spout

Wasn’t born into religion, oh no

Come on, step in line

Ain’t got no fear of God,

I just ain’t got time[…]

-lyrics from the ”County Hound Ramble” single

He may not be able to hit every note, but you can hear his emotions pouring out of every word that comes out of his mouth. The guitars are what keep me listening to track after track, and along with Galey, Patrick Brady has some pretty crazy riffs. Not only do the riffs stand out, but the tone of the guitars add a raw, bluesy sound to the music.

Brady also lays down some insanely catchy melodies on the keyboard in a few tunes as well. Pick any of this band’s songs and you will be able to tell that bassist Shane Strickland has some rhythm to spare. Throw the incredible drumming of Kyle Burchett on top of that and you have the driving force behind this outfit.

After playing music together pretty much their whole lives, Brady, Galey, and Burchett joined forces with Strickland nine years ago to form Gentlemen and Scholars. After releasing their first album, The Record, The Keepsake, and The Thief, in 2008, the band signed with Torque Records to release their second album, The Fault. It didn’t take them long to figure out they should just do things on their own though. After the brief stint with the record label, they released two more albums, Bad Apples and Thick As Mud on their own, as well as doing a ton of touring in support of each album.

As I mentioned earlier, this group is a rock band that’s not afraid to explore other styles and genres. A few examples of this can be heard in songs like the swamp rock influenced “Country Hound Ramble,” the screaming, punk rock style of “We’re Outta Here ‘89,”  to the groove-oriented tune “Heater.”

There’s not much of anything you won’t hear while jamming to these songs. “Poor Man. Fool” has a country vibe to it with a mellow acoustic guitar sound and harmonica featured throughout, making it one of my personal favorites from the band. Whichever song you listen to on their playlist, you’re sure to hear something that makes it it’s own, unique, and creative piece of music.

Gentlemen And Scholars is a band that doesn’t let any genre classification hold them back. Playing whatever style they want to, this approach opens up the creativeness of the musicians and has helped them write some unbelievable music. They are currently working on their fifth album, as well as building their own studio, so make sure to check them out on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and get out to a show when they hit the road. The bands that can jam like these guys are always the best live, so keep an eye on their tour schedule.



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