The Mainstream: ReverbNation Spotlight-Rain May Fall

 The Mainstream: ReverbNation Spotlight-Rain May Fall

Every once in a while you hear a band that you just really want to make it big, and believe can, in time. Rain May Fall from Liverpool are that band for me. These grunge/metal rockers from across the pond are so thick with potential that I really want to see them get as much exposure as they can so that they can attract some excellent mentors, producers and record labels.

There’s lots of talk in the rock critic community (especially the indie rock community) about the great and wonderful DIY ethic. Not every band that goes it alone or starts out in a garage sound like Pearl Jam (or more aptly Mother Love Bone and Green River) or Alice In Chains when they started banging around in their parent’s garages. There is something to be said about the garage band that thrives on their passion. That band is also Rain May Fall.

Are the riffs (albeit excellently heavy) in the majority of Rain May Fall’s songs somewhat repetitive? Yes. Are some of the time signatures a little off? Yes. Does every song on the ReverbNation profile rock? Yes. “Remember Everything,” the best offering that Rain May Fall has come up with yet, doesn’t suffer from the above mentioned flaws. It is actually a really great grunge/metal song that the band can build upon.


Lead singer Mark Smith shies away from his James-Hetfield-like (and obviously admirative) growls, and Tim Cunningham and John Hodson’s guitars interplay and overdub each other in a sonically powerful way. “I Won’t Be Told” boasts a riff that Jerry Cantrell himself would be envious of, but Smith’s grunts and growls here betray more of his passion than his technical vocal skills. There’s also some great guitar bridges and solos here as well. “No Second Chances” is reminiscent of the style of Southern Rock/Metal heroes BlackStone Cherry. It’s here that their “southern rock” description on ReverbNation stands out most clearly. The best thing about the song is the main riff. I’m a sucker for a heavy riff, no matter who the artist, and this riff is what caught my attention about the band and made me want to listen more closely.

Rain May Fall may not be the most accomplished grunge/metal/southern rock band performing now, but they will be. Everything is in place, and I really cannot wait to hear how this band progresses. I will be following them and requesting new material from them every chance I get. I’m in their corner and am ready to hear more. Check them out on Facebook and ReverbNation.



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