ReverbNation Artist Spotlight : Doghouse Swine

ReverbNation Artist Spotlight: DogHouse Swine

By: Leslie Hadaway

When I hear the phrase punk rock, classic groups like The Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Runaways come to mind. These groups have angst-ridden lyrics and a rough around the edges sound. DogHouse Swine is no exception with their in-your-face sound.

Fearless is the name of the group’s latest release, and it fits them perfectly. DogHouse Swine are a truly fearless band. They got together back in 2009 and released their first album, Faster Side of Normal, in 2010 on their own label, Banned Records. When asked about how their sound has evolved since then, lead singer Ian had this to say:

“Our sound since 2010’s Faster Side of Normal has definitely evolved. The band has had some lineup changes, but has matured along the way. It was beefier and more sonic on 2012 Dogs of War. I like to think we get better every time. Fearless is tight and has bite. It kind of smacks you in the face. It’s definitely the best offering we have ever presented.”

In talking with Ian this past week about the influence behind the creation of this latest release, I found out that the title track, Fearless, was the last song that was written for the EP.

“I already knew ahead of time we were going to be recording with J. Robbins. I knew I even wanted to call the EP Fearless. It just seemed appropriate with all that was happening and the commitment that it takes. I just wanted to do one more song for it, it was only written and rehearsed in a few weeks before we went into the studio. The lyrics are kind of self explanatory. It’s about being fearless and having no boundaries.”

Personally speaking, I love the sound that these guys are putting out. Their sound is a mixture of both punk and rock. As a listener and all around music lover, I can hear the punk rock influence on its title track. I can see Fearless being a number one hit for a well-deserving band. Stay in touch with them on Facebook and keep an eye on their tour schedule for 2015.

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