Catchy Tunes with a Classic Sound: The Sandra Good Band

Catchy Tunes with a Classic Sound: The Sandra Good Band

Good music can help you forget about all the trouble and stress in life, if only for an hour or two. The problem is that today’s popular artist are writing watered-down music, and it’s hard to find that kind of escape. Luckily for you, I do a lot of searching around the web to find bands and artists, that many of you have probably never heard of, to not only help you get that dose of euphoria your ears crave, but to introduce you to some fresh tunes as well. Fans of classic rock and pop are in for a treat with the artist being featured today: The Sandra Good Band.

Coming to you from Ontario, this is the best music I’ve heard from our neighbors up north since Rush hit the scene back in the day. This group combines a ferocious rock sound, with the catchiness of most pop music. This band will have you head-banging, dancing and singing in no time. If this were 1977, they would already be huge and playing along-side great acts such as Heart, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin. Unfortunately we live in a time where so many great artist go unnoticed, but this is one that deserves the attention.

They released their debut album Lonely at the Top in 2014, and there are some great tunes on it. “Hard To Tell You” was the first song I heard by SGB, and it got me hooked. With an old school guitar riff leading the way, Hosgood’s vocals come soaring in and sweep you away. What really sold me on this song, though, were the guitar solos. Everyone loves a good ballad, right? I know I do, and “Time” is a pretty darn good one about dealing with difficult relationships and going through hard times. With a steady beat, strong melody and some emotional guitar playing, this song is hard not to like.


“Devil In Me” has a ton of attitude and is easily the heaviest song by the band. The verses have a clean guitar riff, but you can hear the aggression building up to the chorus with the help of the angry vocals. The drums will have you pounding your hands and feet along with them and I’m sure you’ll be singing by the end of the track.

Sandra Hosgood has an absolutely amazing voice: just edgy enough for the rocking tunes, and elegant enough for the softer tracks. Her style reminds me a lot of Ann Wilson from Heart with the way she pours her life and emotion into the lyrics. Guitarist Barry Foreshew is the perfect compliment to Hosgood with his style of playing. Driven by a blues-based hard rocking sound, Foreshew has the skills to be considered one of the greats one day. The riffs will hook you in, and the solos will have you playing air guitar just like you did when you heard Jimmy Page for the first time.

Greg Lightle is a very accomplished drummer that adds a ton of experience to the band. After playing with many bands, including Shania Twain for a brief time on her “Up” tour, he joined forces with Hosgood and Foreshew in the Sandra Good Band. He may not be the flashiest player you’ve ever heard, but he knows when to play, and when not to play. That’s a problem too many drummers have, they always want to hit every piece of their kit on each song, Lightle can show you how good he his without all the fills. Keeping the songs tight and the band in check is bassist Pete Olmstead. If you put an instrument in this man’s hands, he can probably play it. You can expect to hear plenty of grooves to go along to the catchy melodies of this outfit’s music with his playing.

I’m sure you’ve already opened a new tab on your computer or phone and started jamming to the Sandra Good Band by now, but if you haven’t, now’s the time. With a healthy combination of rock and pop, this a group that is hard not to get hooked on. Check them out on Facebook, Reverbnation and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for all the newest happenings with the band. Make sure to buy a copy of their debut album, Lonely at the Top while you’re at it.



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