ReverbNation Artist Spotlight: Nick Caster Music

ReverbNation Artist Spotlight: Nick Caster Music

By: Leslie Hadaway

I have a feeling that Nick Caster Music is going all the way to the top, I really do like the music that I’m hearing from him and his band. The unsigned group consists of Nick Caster, Shawn Powell, Mike Naughton, and Don Garret; they all come together to create what is Nick Caster Music. With only one album out so far, there’s no telling what their future has in store.

As a true music lover, you can really tell when songs are written from the heart. “Believe” is one such song, it talks about sin and redemption, pain and healing; which is what Nick Caster wants to do with his music. “I believe that I am doing what God wants me to do.”

In my conversation this week with Caster, I asked him about his inspirations and when he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in music. “I saw Chris Daughtry on American Idol about 7 years ago and that’s what made me realize I wanted to do this.”

Nick’s inspirations include bands and individual recording artists like Chris Daughtry, Jeremy Camp, All That Remains, 3 Doors Down, Five Finger Death Punch, and the best example of Southern Rock: Lynard Skynard.

In listening to his music, I have heard several of his influences shine through. “Pushing Me Away” definitely has a Chris Daughtry kind of feel, while tracks like “Ride All Night” and “Believe” have more of a 3 Doors Down and Jeremy Camp kind of vibe.

Then you have the crowning jewel, the confirmed first single, “The Way I Am”. This just happens to be my favorite off of his self titled debut album, Nick Caster Music, which will be released in June of this year, and available for download on ReverbNation and iTunes.

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