Tattermasquerade & Carpe Noctem CD Release Party – Tremont Music Hall

Tattermasquerade & Carpe Noctem CD Release Party

By: Leslie Hadaway

The Tattermask CD release party last Friday night at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC, was so electrifying that you could cut the tension built up in the air with a knife. It was like being whisked away from every problem or burden, at least as long as the show lasted.
Teratorn - 06
Tattermask and their friends Teratorn, Ashes to Airwaves, Shadow of Myself and A Light Divided brought the best performances that I have seen from any band in years. The music was explosive and the fans were blown away. If Gene Simmons had been an attendee, I have a feeling that he would retract his statement that rock is dead.


I have to admit that I didn’t know what to expect stepping inside Tremont Music Hall. When I first walked in, I was met with a blazing guitar sound from Teratorn, as they had already started their set, but I was captivated by their sound. I would definitely love to see them again.
Ashes to Airwaves - 19

Ashes to Airwaves blew me away with their performance. This band knows how to interact with the fans. Jeff Eargle, the bands lead singer, delivered a stellar performance, as did his band mates Chris Byers, Matt Warren and Joel Hilley.


A Light Divided - 20
A Light Divided  was definitely a band that I was looking forward to hearing. Jaycee was burning up! Their performance completely enraptured me from the get-go. To say that they are high energy rock is an understatement. They are high energy rock infused with caffeine!


Shadow of Myself - 19
Shadow of Myself  delivered a great performance. Drummer Dustin Foley stepped up to the mic, in place of lead singer Travis Keziah, who is having some health issues. Koury Pounds, drummer for The N.O.R.M. sat in on drums.
Tattermask - 24
Tattermask was on fire and unstoppable. From the time they stepped on stage to their final bow, they were bombastic and kept my attention. Amanda’s vocals took me to another plane, Harley Quinn was a powerhouse bassist, Travis and Josh are gods on guitar and Adam was an animal on the drums.

Tattermask is one of North Carolina’s up-and-coming artists. According to guitarist Josh Wright on the new album: “It will be nice to finally allow people to listen to what we’ve worked on for three years.”


The group first came together in 2007 and released their first EP, Looks Can be Deceiving in 2008, followed by their first full length album, After the Storm, in 2011. I recently had a conversation with Amanda Tattermask regarding the inspiration behind this latest release, their songwriting process and the future of the band.

What’s your inspiration behind your latest release?

Carpe’ Noctem was inspired by embracing the dark, the night and recognizing that the day is not over when the sun goes down. I made an effort to make our lyrics more positive too. Still a little bitchy but way more positive and observant than angry.

Is your songwriting limited to one or two writers, or is it more of a collaboration ?

It is definitely more of a collaboration. Josh Wright (guitars) and Adam (drums) are the ones who start the process, but we all drive and add to it once it gets going, and sometimes Travis (guitar) contributes riffage as well. I write all of the vocals and lyrics.

How is Carpe’ Noctem musically different from your previous releases?

I would say that our songwriting isn’t all that different from from the last couple of albums, other than that we use a little bit more complicated rhythms in these songs than we had before. The heaviness of the songs is about the same, and we’ve always been pretty conscious about having a good song layout. The lyrics being more positive is a change too.

How has the band grown over the past few years?

We’ve grown the most in our approach to putting on shows. Our stage presence is something we’ve consciously been working on and I think our performances are better for that. We’ve also learned to make effort to “theme” our shows-have something more than just good bands on stage-to give those on-the-fence concert goers even more of a reason to give a “local” show a try.

As lead singer, what is your vision for the band?

As far as my vision for the band and where I see us going – well, we’ve recently kind of changed course on that. Realistically it’s super tough to get anywhere in the music business, and it costs so much emotionally, mentally and monetarily to keep pushing all the time. We’ve gotten to a place where we have an album we’re really proud of, we’re playing quality shows, and have great fan feedback, so we’re just focusing on what’s right for us and being grateful for what we have rather than worrying too much about the future. We’ll keep giving our fans the best albums and shows we can and if “fame and fortune” is in the cards, it will come, if it never does, well, at least we have plenty of people who love us and we’re having fun.


This was bound to be to party for the ages!  I had the privilege of listening to the new ep and the music is simply insane. Amanda’s vocals are tight and remind me of Amy Lee,and the musicianship of the band is out of this world. This is simply a party that you don’t want to miss, next show they announce mark it on your calendar ASAP!  Thanks to bands like Tattermask, rock music is alive and thriving in our local music scene. As always, don’t forget to share your before, during and after  concert party pictures using #twitfromthepit.

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