Ska is Still Skankin’: Hub City Stompers

Ska is Still Skankin’: Hub City Stompers

While I’m no Skafficianado, I know good brass when I hear it. I enjoy Ska for many reasons, one of which includes wailing horns and almost crooning vocals. When I found Hub City Stompers on ReverbNation, I was more than pleasantly surprised. They’re out of New Brunswick, NJ, and formed HCS in 2002. They’ve just released Life After Death in December 2014 and are coming through The Chop Shop on February 20.

This seven-piece band includes sax, trombone, keyboard, bass, guitar, drums and vocals. When they come together, they create some of the purest, but most modern ska that I’ve heard. Life After Death provides me with some much-needed skank-out music, and here are a couple ways they do it. They infuse every song with a fast-paced tempo and intricate brass solos. The vocals evoke a far-out feeling that takes me away to a warm and sunny vista. That has always been my favorite aspect of good ska: the sunshiney feeling it gives me, while inspiring me get dirty living.

I can enjoy HCS on multiple levels, because they lean more toward the ska/punk or ska/reggae end of things. They have three albums out currently, Blood, Sweat and Beers (2004), Dirty Jersey (2006), and the current release of 2014: Life After Death. Below you can listen to their Spotify and let us know what you think.

Friday, February 20th, they’ll be coming through The Chop Shop in NoDa with Antagonizers, Patriot, Beat Downs and Dirty Southern Revolutionaries. Grab tickets here and get in on what is sure to be an supremely energetic show, also benefitting the brother and ex-drummer of Antagonizer. Doors are at 8, 18 and up, tickets will be $10 in advance and $12 at the door.




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