Flip Gucci Color Trend of 2015: Soy Sauce

Flip Gucci Color Trend of 2015: Soy Sauce

via Flip Gucci’s Facebook


Soy Sauce via Flip Gucci Youtube

“Pulled up in the jag, colored soy sauce

Hopped out drippin’ flavor, call it soy sauce.”

I found Flip Gucci on ReverbNation, and this song stuck out to me. It is about soy sauce, or rather, the ability to nickname your things after something high in sodium and umami. I’m not sure WHAT Soy Sauce is in this context. It is obvious that it has multiple meanings, as many phrases do; maybe he has a soft spot for the local Asian buffet. Beyond my own inability to discern what he’s referring to, it’s one of the usual slower, get high and drink Crown kind of hip-hop songs. It’s not awful, but you know what is awful for you? Soy Sauce. That’s a lot of salt, and if your song is this salty, you should make sure your listeners are well-hydrated.

“She blowin’ up my phone, she want that soy sauce.

Pull up in a brown and green whip, like beef and broccoli.

Pull up with another foreign chick,

(I think she Asian), she eat with chopsticks.”

Flip Gucci has an okay voice, but it can be monotone and droning. The production is average, and his lyrics seem to rely too-heavily on repetition. I don’t know what goes into creating a hit– I know that there’s a science to it when it comes to a lasting hook, but when I go down the list listening to his available music, I realize that he’s trying to perfect that hook. It’s not unbearable, but it’s noticeable. That being said, Soy Sauce gets stuck in your head.

If you want to hear more from Flip Gucci, check out his ReverbNation page, or find more of his videos on Youtube. If he keeps creating and maintains the humorous and creative concepts like Soy Sauce, while growing as an artist, I’ll probably become a fan.



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