The Dead End Kidz: It’s Now or Never

The Dead End Kidz: It’s Now or Never

via The Dead End Kidz Facebook

ReverbNation has so many bands, with so many genres to choose from; this time I’ve chosen hard rockin’ The Dead End Kidz, from New Jersey. Frontman John Erigo has a voice which would fit a rock opera about Meatloaf, and considering I have a real soft-spot for musicals, this was intriguing as I tuned in to the song It’s Now Or Never. His elocution is clear and easy on the ears; you can hear each lyric through even a loud crowd. With this song, this was actually the downfall.

Concerning the nail in the coffin that are the lyrics of It’s Now Or Never, I have two questions: who wrote the lyrics and did the singer or bandmates consider them before recording? Below you’ll see why I question the foresight of the members:


via John Erigo’s Youtube


“I’m on the prowl tonight, maybe I’m lookin’ for you.

Do you have what it takes to give me my fill?

Cause I won’t wait. No time for ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I won’t wait.

I’ve got no time to play. You’ve got to choose.

It’s now or never, what’s it gonna be?

As you stand in front of me, can you feel the heat?

You can say what you wanna say, as long as you’re gonna stay.”

I want to give the band the benefit of the doubt, it’s a simple song, with no context beyond my own implications. This is the bulk of the lyrics, and “it’s now or never” is then repeated over a face-peeling guitar solo, which I quite enjoy.

This song could be about a vampire, or maybe a steaming-hot bowl of alphabet soup (who would wait for those letters to spell out any permission to eat it?). The thing is, considering the context of today’s apparent rape-culture and consent-lacking court cases, I feel this song is pretty rapey.

I don’t want to put words in their mouths, but everyone I know was rubbed the wrong way by the song, too. For a moment, I wondered if it paid homage to Elvis’ song entitled It’s Now Or Never:


via Elvis Presley VEVO on Youtube


“It’s now or never,

come hold me tight

Kiss me my darling,

be mine tonight

Tomorrow will be too late,

it’s now or never

My love won’t wait.”

But Elvis’ song has a clear context of romance, and love between two presumably consenting people.

I’d like to hear what the band has to say about this song. Their other music doesn’t have the above themes, but the same enjoyable guitar riffs and vocals. Judging from their presence in social media, they’re nice guys. Was this a misstep, or am I reading this all wrong? You be the judge. Check out more of their music on ReverbNation and let us know what you think.



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