Soda Pop da Mind Rippa: A Rough Hip Hop Diamond in LA

Soda Pop da Mind Rippa: A Rough Hip Hop Diamond in LA

Soda Pop da Mind Rippa not only has a name that sticks, but also has some classic techniques throughout his raps. Sounding more like freestyle or competition rap, his beats are simple enough, and compliment the wit and freeform of his lyrics. He is local to California, signed with 3rd Street Records, and has multiple Djs and over a dozen accompaniments throughout his work: Dncrdbl, D.J. Sloe Poke, S. Williams, Sanfre, Bee Loka, Krazy Khrome and Yene. This cooperative effort is not muddled, and I expect more to come.

Let me explain a bit of why I enjoy the sticky work of Soda. In Oracle he spits “every time I bust it’s historical,” which both made me laugh and commend what he was capable of. Overall, I really enjoy the simplicity and technically poetic nature of his classic and nasty rhymes. Performing since ’96 and born in the 70’s, this explains his classic hip-hop roots.

When asked why he chose the name Soda, he had this to say: “My uncle Arthur used to call me that when I was two years old. Naturally, when I started performing hip hop, the name resurfaced and it was part of the culture to use a nickname or a descriptive title. Soda describes the way I engage music with a unique and refreshing approach to the way I pour lyrics.”

Soda has released two eps: Sodawater -The Rhythm Catcher-, and Darkside of The West, which is his most recent work. He also has a single out from 2013 entitled Scattered Thoughtz -The Spoken Words-.  All of these are available for listening on his ReverbNation or purchase on iTunes.



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