There's Country, and Then There's The Tornaparts

There’s Country, and Then There’s The Tornaparts

via The Tornaparts Facebook

Illinois and folk-country don’t inherently go together, but the beer-chuggin’, root-rock Tornaparts didn’t care when they formed the band in 2012. I found them on ReverbNation, and while I haven’t seen them live, they certainly seem to be perfect for for a live crowd and any booze on hand. Their current album is also their demo, and self-titled. It’s available for download on Noisetrade.

Compare their music to what’s written on their Facebook, and you’ll find some very multi-dimensional traits. Their music is smooth, emotive, brooding and rather beautifully played. Their Facebook bio, on the other hand, is unorthodox:

“Dave Thomas, is a man of words by no words. He says just what he means, like a thought at dawn. Members Jason Bennett (guitar), Tim Bennett (drums), and Nick Ross (bass) of The Tornaparts don’t mind cutting your throat, but they do it real gentle like. The Tornaparts are from Chicago and were born at the moment you believed that this time she won’t come back and how hungry you’re going to be in about two hours.”

Here’s the video for When They Bury Me via Youtube


I consider this band a good fusion of modern and classic country, and by ‘classic country’ I mean closer to the folk end of things. Some classic traits of folk country music are found in The Tornaparts, like a deeper, more earthy tone to the vocalist. In turn, there are also themes of death, and possibly hymnal-rooted references, such as “when they bury me, would you come down?”

Their album is available for listening here on ReverbNation and for purchase here on Noisetrade. There are no listed upcoming tours, but I hope they get on the road soon, I need an excuse to get a little tipsy and dance.



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